Top New EDM Artists to Look Out For in 2023


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Top New EDM Artists to Look Out For in 2023

A dj girl wearing headphone in ear
By Jordan Roche

By Jordan Roche

Content Creator for Raveraide

Are you a fan of EDM music? Love discovering up & coming artists?

If the answer is yes, you’re in the RIGHT PLACE!

After attending countless music festivals, I’ve come to realize that some of the greatest music festival moments can happen at the low-key stages that you just stumble upon. Typically lined with the new EDM artists, the small stages can truly rock your world.

The best part is, you can enjoy yourself while simultaneously being a part of something magical & truly inspiring; making someone else’s dreams come true. When you vibe with them on the dancefloor… you’re not just dancing, you’re supporting their art & their dreams.

The following artists have shared with me their unique origin stories into the music scene, but one thing they all have in common is that 2023 is going to be a year of growth. Keep reading to discover why we love these artists so much!

Top New EDM Artists to Look Out for in 2023

Un1ty – ▁ ▄ ▽ U𝗡𝟭𝗧𝗬 ▽ ▄ ▁ (@un1ty_music) • Instagram photos and videos

His love for music grew stronger as he attended more music festivals and expressed himself creatively through dance. Un1ty began creating music as covid was hitting in 2020 and has been growing & learning as an artist ever since. Given the name Un1ty, by a friend, because his intention of music was to be a reason people came together, united, to celebrate.

Some of his biggest inspirations are: Seven Lions, who he called a master at taking simplicity and maximizing it to a beautiful & emotional experience. AU5, who Un1ty refers to as the Wizard of sound because he creates bass music that is one of a kind & is a true prodigy of our era. Lastly, Zomboy, who Un1ty describes as the best Dubstep artist on the engineering side. He says nobody can make aggressive music sound quite as clean as he can. 

Un1ty’s mission is to bring more light energy into the EDM community. His goal is to create a balance between the darker & lighter elements of music by creating a sound that is happy, energetic, and quite literally angelic. This is why he chose Angels as his brand’s symbol. He wants to make music that feels like rays of light, shining through the clouds, onto your skin.

You can see him LIVE towards the end of 2023 so stay tuned & follow him on Instagram!

Tay Lively – 🪬🧿 TAY LIVELY 🧿🪬 (@tayislively) • Instagram photos and videos

Tay Lively grew up in a home with a passion for music. She can remember being in her crib as a baby, while her mom cleaned the house listening to loud music from classics like Madonna, Juan Luis Guerra, The Police, and Bob Marley. Her nickname in High School was the “aux cord DJ” because she was always discovering new music on Limewire and sharing it with her friends. Music was a big part of her life, but it wasn’t until the quarantine boredom of 2020 that she fully embraced her new hobby. 

Deadmau5, Kaskade and Tiesto were some of her earliest inspirations. These three artists got her into the EDM scene at a very early age. While making her own music, she is inspired by; AC Slater, Chris Lorenzo, Taiki Nulight, Nostalgix, Chris Lake, Hedex and Mark Knight. 

Due to her lifelong journey with music, she enjoys many genres. When she DJs it is typically Tech House, House, Bass House, and most recently, DnB. She loves to create sexy, groovy and upbeat music that gets the party going.

You can currently see her perform in Greensboro & Charlotte, North Carolina. She wishes to travel in 2023. Follow her on Instagram to see where she goes next!

Yahel, A.K.A. Jay Crusoe, is from Tampa, FL and has been playing music since he can remember. He was lucky to have a very music-oriented family and started focusing on the drums around the age of 7 to play at his church. 

Introduced to Electronic artists like Skrillex, Daft Punk, & Deadmau5 he couldn’t help but fall in love with the complexity of music. The moment he heard Worlds by Porter Robinson his entire perspective on music & the electric genre changed. 

He recently rebranded from the Intermach Project to The Jay Crusoe Project after experiencing a moment of truth while reading “Robinson Crusoe” in law school. It is about a young man whose parents wanted him to pursue a law degree, but instead he followed his dreams as an explorer. In that moment, Jay Crusoe was born.

He currently plays versatile Techno/House music at the Ritz in Tampa, FL and will be making appearances at a few festivals in 2023 so stay tuned! Follow his socials & stay connected!

Alan Shi – Alan Shi (@alanshimusic) • Instagram photos and videos

Alan Shi always had a love for music. You could always find him with headphones in his ears, but it wasn’t until September of 2019 that he began DJing. 

Once he discovered artists like Malaa, Shiba San, and AC Slater, Alan was absolutely amazed. The sound that they brought to the table was something very new to him at the time. He expanded his musical knowledge further and dove deep into everything house & techno. Those three artists still have an impact on the music he produces today.

Alan always held the aux cord, but never thought of himself as a music producer until his sister brought up the idea of “hey, you could do this!” He immediately bought the equipment to pursue his passion and soul’s purpose: to make people dance.

He plays Tech House with Groovy drums, thick driving basslines, and simple leads. You can experience his creations LIVE at the TK Lounge, The Ritz, PTL and new venues & festivals in 2023. Stay tuned for more magic & follow his journey on socials!

Kelila – KELILA (@kelila_music) • Instagram photos and videos

Kelila was raised in a family that loved, lived and breathed music. They had a passion for cultural expression which included international folk dancing, Irish dancing, and Hebrew songs. She began playing the piano at the age of 6 and the flute at the age of 10. The flute was a game changer for her and from there, she never put it down.

When she was 19, she embarked on a journey to discover herself. Sleeping outdoors and taking on a hippie lifestyle, she began playing her flute to make money on the streets as she traveled Central & South America. She jammed with all kinds of musicians while she traveled and through these experiences, she realized that nothing invigorated her more than playing middle eastern flute melodies with tribal sounds, such as drums and didgeridoos.

She began merging these ethnic sounds with electronic bass music at age 22. Her music can be described as ethnic / afro / oriental / tribal house, techno, and indie. She loves to play deep sensual tunes perfect for sexy lounge environments. When the night calls for dancing, she loves to play a variety – tribal percussive rhythms, hypnotic & oriental indie dance, as well as highly energetic progressive tracks that bring you straight to the desert’s night.

She recently relocated to Israel, but her journey is just beginning and she dearly looks forward to seeing you on the dance floor! Follow her on social media to stay up to date with her new music and events! 

Blossom – Blossom ( • Instagram photos and videos

Blossom has been involved with music since the age of 2. She played violin & viola for 12 years until her interest shifted towards electronic music in High School. She played around on Garageband in her early years, but it wasn’t until a college when a course called “Dance & Hip Hop Music Production” changed her path. It brought her to a DJ & Production school in LA called “Dubspot” where she began her music career.

She was so inspired by the Night Bass sound of AC Slater that she did a presentation on him in her college production class. (They now joke about it together, talk about full circle!) She also loved experimental music when she first started and listened to a lot of G Jones and Eprom, amongst others. Throughout the years, she has consistently gone back to bass house and has been inspired by legends like Joyryde, Habstrakt, Skrillex and more. In the Drum & Bass sphere, she is super inspired by The Caracal Project, Imanu, Noisia, and Halogenix. 

DJ Blossom says her music is a balance between dark and light, or sugar and spice if were staying on that Powerpuff Girl theme. She has been going strong for 7 years making music that combines dark themes and melodies with powerful bouncy drops.

She is going on her FIRST headline tour in 2023. Head to her website for those dates: BLOSSOM ( Follow her socials for updates & Behind the Scenes!

Equanimous – Equanimous (@equanimouslove) • Instagram photos and videos

Equanimous started making music at a very young age, taking sticks and drumming on the trees as a toddler. When he found the piano, he wasn’t reading music much but really enjoyed playing. This later transformed to his love for other instruments and eventually in middle school he started producing his first beats.

Influenced by the joyous play of Paul Simon, the production of Deadmau5, the emotion of Taking Back Sunday and the angelic frequencies of Sigur Ros, Equanimous began to find his true sound. It wasn’t until 2020 when his music began to reach a wider audience.

The intention for Equanimous has always been about spreading love, high vibe, and awareness. He loves an organic conscious lifestyle and encourages others to do the same. Simply living authentically in joy and love.

You can see Equanimous in 2023 at the tour dates on his website: Equanimous ( Follow his social for more love!

Kris Mikalz – KRIS MIKALZ (@krismikalz) • Instagram photos and videos

Christopher Michaels realized his love for music when he was just 7 years old, but it wasn’t until around 10 years later that he began creating music on He attended shows with his father and helped his father with his 3 record stores in Long Island, NY. There, he discovered his passion.

Inspired by artists such as: Razor – N-Guido, Danny Tanglia, Frankie Bones, Roger Sanchez, Louie Vega, Vicious Vic, Dj Skribble, Chris Lake, Skrillex, Bad bad bill and 2 without hats. He now produces music that is all about energy. He wants to keep the people moving & dancing with his sound. 

He is now working on a house label out of Chicago called Phunk Junk Music Group and has tracks out on rebel house records.

He currently DJs in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL at The Avenue on Friday nights & Saigon Blonde on Saturday nights. He is getting into more during 2023 so stay tuned on his journey as an artist & follow him on social media!

Symmetry – Symmetry (@symmetry_music_) • Instagram photos and videos

Dane grew up listening to music, but it wasn’t until Okeechobee 2017 that he realized his passion for music festivals. It changed his perspective on music and began creating music in the fall of 2017. This was more of a growth period during his life before he really began producing music to share with others. He says there is always room to learn & grow. 

He remembers the first time hearing “Edge” by Rezz and being in an absolute trance.  He was still knew to the EDM community & had never heard anything like that. He loved the dark and creepy vibes in her tracks. Her music has definitely influenced his over the years, but he puts his own twist on the sound. Other artists that really inspired his journey are Mersiv, Clozee, and Of the Trees. He vibes with artists that have a mystical narrative to their music.

After music comforted some traumatic life events, his sound and his soul have grown together. Symmetry is a Freeform Bass Music with versatility because Dane never focuses on making a specific genre. He draws inspiration from other artists and music, but his goal has always been to have his own style that emulates his unique energy.

He played numerous shows in Boone, North Carolina in 2022, but nothing is yet confirmed for 2023. Give him some love if you want to see him in a city near you! 

Azella – Ash (@azellaofficial) • Instagram photos and videos

Ashley loved music from a young age. She has old home videos of her singing when she was just 2 years old. Movement was a big factor in her musical journey as she was a dancer for 15 years. Her life basically revolved around music, but it wasn’t until 2020 when she began learning more about production and creating her own song edits. Her quarantine hobby soon landed her as a viral sensation on TikTok.

Once of her big musical inspirations is Lady Gaga. Her latest album Chromatica had a huge effect on Ashley. It confronted a ton of heavy topics in the form of happy dance music, which made it really fun for her to heal during a pivotal year in her life. It made her realize that she wanted to do exactly the same thing for other people. 

She loves heavy dubstep more than anything because it makes her feel powerful. She also enjoys trap, so you’ll find bits of those in her tracks! She likes to try new things so she won’t be limiting herself musically any time soon. She has 10 years’ worth of song lyrics to bring you more magic very soon! 

She has shows coming up at Believe Music Hall and District Atlanta so follow her on social media to stay tuned!

Bernzikial – BERNZIKIAL (@bernzikial) • Instagram photos and videos

Bernzikial always had a love for music. He recalls creating playlists on his iPod in middle school. It wasn’t until his freshman year of college that he started playing around with music creation. During his last semester of college, before entering pharmacy school, he took a music history class that changed his path. He was accepted into pharmacy school, but changed his major to audio engineering and the rest is history. 

His parents are a big inspiration to his growth. They came to America to pursue their dreams just like he is today. Musically, his inspirations are Flume & Billie Eilish. 

He creates a blend of melodic and heavy sounds into one with cinematic elements. He tries to create a story with his introductions, so it feels like you’re going through a whole movie or experience.

He is currently a head resident at the Ritz Ybor in Tampa, Florida and even teaches & mentors up and coming producers. Follow his socials to stay connected! 

MVRBLES – MVRBLES (@jmirabella21) • Instagram photos and videos

His love for music began after listening to a song called Levels by Avicii back when he played hockey in 2012. Avicii always hyped him up before hockey games. He began creating mixups and mashups in 2017.  His life quickly changed when Life in Color booked him for their 10th anniversary tour in Rochester, NY. He went from DJing in his bedroom to having his first ever performance in front of over 1,000 people!

MVRBLES has always been inspired by DJs like Avicii, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Amelie Lens, and Carl Cox. 

His style of music would be a cross between Tech House/Dance Music/Techno. He wants his set to take you on a journey. 

You can see him LIVE at Thin Man January 20th at Techno Paradise at the Attic Goodbar and February 18th Hyperglow at Venu. He’ll also be in Columbus and Miami in 2023 so stay connected!

Skysia – Skysia (@skysiamusic) • Instagram photos and videos

Skysia loved music from an early age but didn’t dive into the music community until college. When he was 19, he taught himself piano and began composing his own tunes. He absolutely loved the idea of creating something new and never heard before. This led to the beginning of his production in 2015. 

He is very inspired by film. Using the audio & visual combination to tell a full story has been the passion behind his art. Musically, artists like Bonobo, Charlesthefirst, Catching Flies, Clozee, il:lo, and Tor, among many others, have inspired his creations. 

His goal is to combine these worlds into his own soup of sound. Combining little snippets with the main goal of creating a melodic world of downtempo music with heavy freeform bass. He believes they can coexist, and he won’t stop until he finds that sweet spot! He calls this sound Organic Bass Music.

He is dedicating the first half of 2023 to creation, but plan to see him performing again come the fall! In the meantime, he has a couple singles coming and a 13 track downtempo album that will start coming out in February. Stay tuned for more magic and follow his socials! 

ENNO – ENNO (@weareenno) • Instagram photos and videos

ENNO was involved in music from a young age, growing up around his Great Grandfather who was a well-known pastor & songwriter for successful Motown & Gospel artists. After being immersed in the music community for years, he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He started creating his own music from a young age, but didn’t get into production until around High School. He traveled around Germany, France & South Africa to participate in competitions for scholarships which eventually took him to Berkley for a short time.

He was very inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Stevie Wonder David Bowie, Nina Simone, Phyllis Hyman and other jazz artists that had a very wide range of talents. Others like Usher and R Kelly have helped him realize the power of storytelling with music.  

He believes there is always room to grow towards a mastery of the art and wants to continue learning on this path. He loves the mysterious & dark vibes mixed with a pop/disco sound that fits together seamlessly. ENNO’s absolute goal is to create something that has never been done before. 

Currently working on an album of New York/Chicago style Tech/House music focused on the LGBTQ community and the ballroom culture. Working with Omniculture for upcoming events at Heart Nightclub in West Hollywood, CA.

Follow ENNO on social media to hear more & stay connected to the journey!


Kymera – KYMERA (@kymerabeats) • Instagram photos and videos

Sage 808 – Ben Avanzato (Sage 808) (@benavanzato) • Instagram photos and videos





Kr3ture – KR3TURE (@kr3ture_music) • Instagram photos and videos


Kaivon Kaivon (@kaivon) • Instagram photos and videos

Tsunami TSU NAMI ☆彡💿🌊 (@tsunamimusicx) • Instagram photos and videos

Axel Thesleff @axelthesleff • Instagram photos and videos

Kasbo Kasbo (@kasbomusic) • Instagram photos and videos

LP Giobbi – LP Giobbi (@lpgiobbi) • Instagram photos and videos

Palladian PALLADIAN (@palladianmusic) • Instagram photos and videos

So, there you have it! An inspirational list of new EDM artists to watch grow in 2023. Check out Top 50 EDM Music Festivals in the USA in 2023 | ( to find them at an upcoming music festival near you!

This post was all about Top New EDM Artists to Look Out for in 2023.

Jordan Roche
Jordan Roche

Outside of the rave world, I’m a certified vegan nutrition coach, corrective exercise fitness trainer and model. Live music feeds my soul. It has honestly played such a huge role in my mental health & overall happiness in life. The rave community is full of the most genuine, kind-hearted people & I'm so grateful to be a part of it. Quitting my job to go to Bonnaroo in 2022 was the one of the best decisions I ever made. My top 3 festivals so far are Elements, Imagine and Okeechobee but that’s likely to change when I hit Envision in 2024! Follow me on Instagram! @jordan_roche

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