The Ultimate Guide To EDC Orlando


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The Ultimate Guide To EDC Orlando

edc orlando
By Kaitlyn Finley

By Kaitlyn Finley

Raveraide Blog Writer and Content Creator

Going to EDC Orlando and have no idea where to start? You're in the right place!

What if I told you… there was a place of pure magic, excitement, and child-like wonder. A place where you can go to express yourself with no fear or judgment, a place where you can run about and truly feel free. A place where humanity finally feels united, powered solely by music, connection, and love. This may sound like just some fantasy land, but it’s no fantasy. This is EDC Orlando.

You may be familiar with the country’s largest electronic dance music festival EDC Las Vegas, but did you know it has a little sibling? EDC Orlando is an absolutely epic music festival located in Orlando, Florida that takes place on November 10, 11, and 12th. It may be a little smaller than the massive party in Vegas, but it still brings just as much magic and energy. I have been to EDC Orlando three times (this year is my fourth!😊) and it holds such a special place in my heart. It’s where my love for raving was born and I truly believe it was the magic of EDC that made me fall so deeply in love.

If you are going to EDC Orlando for the first time this year, or you just want to know more about the festival, you’re in the right place! Our team here at Raveraide has crafted the perfect guide to EDC Orlando, with everything from how to prepare to what you can expect once you get inside the festival. Keep on reading to get all the information you need about this amazing experience! And to get a good idea of what to expect, here is the 2023 announcement video they put out:

The Ultimate Guide To EDC Orlando

1.) Where do I start and how do I start planning for EDC Orlando?

So you’re heading to EDC Orlando later this year? Congratulations! You’re officially about to have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE! In all seriousness, EDC Orlando is an amazing music festival and such an incredible experience. If you’re reading this, you have probably already purchased your ticket (or are planning to), so let’s dive into this guide and tell you everything you need to know!


If by chance you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, we’ll quickly go over the ticket options to see what would be best for you. There are three ticket options: General Admission (GA), General Admission Plus (GA+), and the VIP Elevated Experience Pass. The ticket prices range from around $210-$430, with GA being the least expensive and VIP being the most expensive.

GA tickets will give you basic admission into the festival and access to everything that isn’t designated for GA+ or VIP only. GA+ is the next step up, giving you access to things like elevated bathrooms and express entry into the venue. If you’re looking to live lavishly and maximize your experience, VIP is the way to go. With VIP tickets, you get access to fast entry, VIP bathrooms, special viewing areas, and private VIP-only areas with food, drinks, and other fun activities. EDC Orlando also offers Skydeck packages, which are basically private table services at kineticFIELD (the main stage).

To learn more about all of the ticket options, check out the Ticket Information Page on the EDC Orlando website. If you’re feeling crazy and want to just send it (why not?) click these buttons to go straight to the ticket purchase page:

Okay, tickets acquired. Now what? First of all, tell your bank account you’re sorry and that you love it. It’s hurting. Next, it’s important to know how to properly prepare for EDC Orlando. I always say that there are two ways to get ready for a music festival: planning the logistics and preparing your body.

Travel & Lodging 

EDC’s prime location in Orlando, Florida makes the whole traveling and lodging situation a lot simpler. Orlando is a massive city with plenty of places to stay and plenty of things to do. If you are flying in, you will most likely fly into the Orlando International Airport (MCO) which is about a 23-minute drive to the EDC venue and about 21 minutes to Downtown Orlando. I recommend buying your plane tickets as soon as possible to get the best deals! And if you’re traveling with a group, make sure to coordinate with everyone and plan everything in advance so everything runs smoothly.

The festival takes place at a venue called Tinker Field, a massive outdoor space next to the Camping World Stadium. Fun fact, Tinker Field was originally an outdoor baseball stadium! Now the only sport being played there is how long you can dance and survive off of one singular chicken finger (I’m kidding, get your nutrients in people!) Tinker Field is literally right next to Downtown Orlando, so you will have plenty of hotel/AirBnB options near there to choose from. Insomniac also teams up with some hotels around the area, so if you’re interested in booking through them you can check out this link.

If you’re looking to go all out, there’s an awesome resort/event experience called HomeBass during EDC weekend that gives you a place to stay AND keeps the party going at all hours. If you want to learn more about it, check out their website here.

Pre & Post-Festival Transport

In regards to getting to and from the festival, there are a few options you can choose from. I recommend using rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft. It’s usually the easiest method and it ensures that all the homies can have fun and be responsible. You can even schedule rides in advance to possibly get a cheaper rate and to ensure you have a ride set up amongst the chaos of arriving and departing. If you choose to drive, there is parking available, and you can get the details about it here. Lastly, there are some shuttle services available near the downtown area via the LYNX Grapefruit Line. More information about the shuttles can be found on the same page as the parking information.

Preparing Your Body

You will definitely want your mind and body to be in good condition before EDC Orlando. Festivals can be quite rough on the body, but thankfully there are things you can do to make sure you can handle it. I recommend exercising regularly, eating nutritious foods, and getting plenty of good sleep every day at least one or two weeks before the festival. More importantly, hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE! Pro tip: Drinking Raveraide is a great way to get your hydration up. 😉 Doing all these things will improve your energy, stamina, and immunity, which will come in handy for those long days and late nights.

A concert image filled with crowd
Photo from the official 2021 Photo Gallery (

2.) What do I bring with me to EDC Orlando?

Now that you’ve got everything planned, it’s time to think about what you’ll need to bring to the festival. If you are traveling from somewhere, make a checklist of everything you need to pack to remember everything. Make sure to pack all of your best festival fits and accessories! One of the best things about EDC is having the freedom to fully express yourself and wear whatever you want. If you’re in need of some new outfits, the stores iHeartRaves, Rave Wonderland, and Freedom Ravewear have a bunch of great options to choose from. If you are looking to support smaller, more sustainable brands, check out our post about the 8 Best Rave Clothing Stores For Sustainable Ravewear.

It’s also good to know what things to bring with you inside the festival to optimize your festival experience. Remember, it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared! Your rave fam will thank you for being the heaven-sent angel that has everything they could possibly need. Also, make sure you go over the accepted and prohibited items list in the Hours and Info section on the EDC Orlando website before packing your things for the day. To get a general idea of what you should bring, here’s a quick list of all the basics that will elevate your EDC Orlando experience:

  • Ticket, ID, and Money: I call these three things the holy trinity. These are necessities, so make sure to pack them first so you don’t forget.
  • Hydration Pack or Water Bottle: Hydration is key! I always recommend using a hydration pack for storage and on-the-go free water. Some great hydration packs I recommend are the ones from Sojourner. If you don’t have one, an empty reusable water bottle will work too!
  • Pashmina: The ultimate festival item. Pashminas can act as a blanket, extra shade, something to sit on, a cute accessory… what can’t it do?
  • Fan: There is nothing better than a cool breeze on the hot dancefloor. A fan will help you battle the heat during the spicy Florida days!
  • Raveraide: Speaking of the hot and spicy Florida days, it’s extremely important that you stay hydrated and nourished. Drinking Raveraide is a great way to get electrolytes and vitamins in all day!
  • Totem: Having a totem is super helpful if you are with a big group. The crowds can get pretty dense, so having something tall to identify your group is essential.
  • Something To Sit On: Sometimes you just need to sit down wherever you are to just chill out for a second. A tapestry or blanket will work just fine!
  • Comfortable Shoes: One thing about music festivals… you will get your STEPS IN! EDC Orlando is very large, so make sure to wear shoes that you feel comfortable walking in.
  • Portable Charger: Imagine you are recording what’s about to be the most legendary drop of all time… and then your phone dies. To avoid this, keep a portable phone charger on you!
  • Earplugs: The days of damaging our eardrums are behind us ladies and gentlemen! Get your ears ready for all of that next-level bass with some good-quality earplugs. Two great options are the Eargasm and Loop earplugs.
  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses: You can never have enough sun protection! If you bring sunscreen into the festival, make sure it’s only the lotion kind (the spray cans are not allowed in.)
  • Wet Wipes and Extra Toilet Paper: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Those porta-potties can get scary man…
  • Kandi and Gifts: A MUST for EDC! Kandi is a colorful beaded bracelet or other accessory that you can trade with others to make friends and spread the PLUR energy! I also love bringing a bunch of little trinkets to give out as gifts.
  • Flow Toys: Elevate your experience by bringing a flow toy to dance or play with!
edc orlando
Photo from the official 2021 Photo Gallery (

3.) What is the music like at EDC Orlando?

The music is what brings everyone together at EDC Orlando. You can see everyone’s problems and judgment quickly melt away as they dance together in harmony under the electric sky. The amazing thing about EDC Orlando in particular is that the music is so diverse and there is something for everyone. It’s the perfect festival if you are trying to expand your music taste and explore the different subgenres of EDM. Take a quick look at the STUNNING 2023 lineup that was just recently posted:

edc orlando
Lineup from the official EDC Orlando website.

4.) What can I expect when I get to EDC Orlando?

EDC Orlando is like a magical wonderland mixed with a giant playground mixed with the most insane party you have ever been to. If I could recommend only one thing, it would be to fully explore the entire festival to see all of the amazing things it has to offer. I have been to EDC Orlando three times and each year I still notice new things. In this last section of the article, we’ll go over a few things you can expect once you arrive at EDC Orlando, as well as some things you NEED to check out when you’re there!


It’s always nice to know what the weather situation will be like at a festival so you know how to prepare and what kind of clothes to pack. EDC Orlando takes place at the beginning of November in Orlando, Florida, so the weather can be a little tricky. From what I’ve experienced in the past, it’s usually very hot during the day and then can cool down quite a bit at night. If you get uncomfortably cold super easily, I would bring a light sweatshirt or an extra pashmina to keep you warm once the sun goes down. Make sure to not wear anything too heavy during the day though because the heat can get pretty intense.

The Florida sun does NOT play around, and it certainly does not pair well with hardcore dancing and walking around all day. It’s extremely important that you remember to hydrate as much as you can during the day. Recently I’ve been bringing Raveraide into some festivals with me and it’s been absolutely life-saving. A few other ways you can combat the heat are bringing a fan, wearing tons of sunscreen, and staying under shaded structures as much as you can during the day. Another classic Florida thing is the occasional rainstorm, so just be sure to be mindful of that possibility.

Things To Expect

Here’s a list of some of the awesome things you can expect once you walk into EDC Orlando:

  • 5 Incredible Stages: Please make it a priority to visit all five stages at EDC Orlando. Each stage has its own unique lineup and design, delivering the craziest levels of production. You have kineticFIELD (the main stage), circuitGROUNDS (the heavy bass stage), neonGARDEN (the house and techno stage), stereoBLOOM (mixed genres), and the Wide Awake Art Car featuring a mix of the hottest up-and-coming DJs.
  • Insane Production and Visuals: The music isn’t the only thing that will blow you away at EDC Orlando. Prepare to be absolutely mesmerized by all of the lights, lasers, colors, and other fun surprises. Just the main stage itself is a jaw-dropping audio-visual experience.
  • Decorations and Art Installations: EDC Orlando does an amazing job at turning a regular old outdoor venue into a beautiful display of pure ART. As you walk around the venue, you’ll get to see decorations literally everywhere; in the trees, on the ground, in busy areas, in chill areas, EVERYWHERE! The effort they put into the festival’s atmosphere truly enhances the overall experience.
  • Food and Bars: Hungry? Thirsty? Ready to get turnt? EDC Orlando offers a wide arrangement of food and drink options that will satisfy your every need. Just make sure to set a little extra money aside for the bars and vendor food because they are MEGA expensive!
  • Merch Booth and Shopping Vendors: Get your style game up with some fresh EDC Orlando merchandise! Last year there was an Insomniac merch pop-up shop, so hopefully it makes a return this year! There is also an entire area dedicated to little shops selling everything from clothes and accessories to cool collectibles and toys. Check them out!
  • Performers and Characters: If you are taking a stroll around the festival, don’t be surprised if you turn around and see a giant fluffy creature thing running up to say hello (P.S. they give the best hugs!) The performers and characters at EDC Orlando make the magic of the festival come alive, and it is always such a pleasure interacting with them. 
edc orlando
Photo from the official 2021 Photo Gallery (

Cool Things To Check Out

Next, here are a few neat things that are definitely worth checking out inside EDC Orlando:

  • Rides: They don’t call it Electric Daisy CARNIVAL for no reason! There are a few different rides at EDC Orlando that are completely free and available to everyone. If you only have time for one, I highly recommend the iconic ferris wheel to get some seriously amazing views of the festival. Thrills and bass, what can possibly be better than that?
  • Pixel Forest: Pixel Forest is exactly what it sounds like, a forest of pixels. It’s a small area that’s usually right next to the circuitGROUNDS stage where you can sit down and chill, listen to the Art Car sets (if it’s in Pixel Forest again this year), or play with the interactive art and games. There’s always some interesting experience happening at Pixel Forest, so make sure to check out what they have this year!
  • Sponsor Booths: EDC Orlando’s sponsors always have some kind of booths set up, so make sure to swing by them to see what’s up and possibly get some free swag!
  • Fireworks and Drone Show: You don’t know true beauty until you’ve seen the fireworks display at the main stage (kineticFIELD.) The fireworks they use are insanely impressive and the phrase “under the electric sky” becomes a reality. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any cooler, the freaking DRONES SHOW UP! I’m not going to lie, I cried when I first saw the drone show. No shame. They are basically a bunch of drones with lights that come together to make 3D images in the sky!
  • Ground Control Oasis: The Oasis is a secluded area away from the festival chaos designed to provide a calming and quiet environment. The Oasis is open to everyone and there is a trained Ground Control team available to help if needed. It’s the perfect place to go if you are feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated, or if you just need a quick break. It is a safe space, and you will never get turned away or in trouble if you need help.
edc orlando
Photo from the official 2021 Photo Gallery (

Additional Information

To finish up this post, here are a few additional things you should know about before heading to EDC Orlando:

  • Medical Tents and Stations: You never know what kind of accidents can happen, so it’s extremely important to know where the nearest medical assistance is at all times. You also don’t always need to be experiencing an emergency to visit the med tent. If needed, they can provide simple things like bandaids or pain medicine like Advil or Tylenol.
  • Ground Control: The Ground Control team are the lovely angels walking around the festival wearing purple. Their job is to ensure that everyone is having a safe and enjoyable time, so don’t hesitate to get their attention if you need help with anything!
  • Lockers: If you don’t want to lug all your stuff around all day, there are lockers available.
  • Theme Park Savings: Are theme parks your go-to way of prepping or recovering from festivals? Click here to see what kind of deals Insomniac offers for Orlando’s local attractions.
  • Phone Thieves: Unfortunately, there are thieves present at EDC Orlando, like they are at most other festivals. It’s such a shame that these bad apples (to put it nicely) choose to invade a space that’s meant for love and happiness. To ensure that your belongings stay safe, invest in protective items like a ClutchLoop for your phone, hide your valuables, and stay aware of your surroundings.
  • ADA Services: ADA services and designated viewing areas are available if needed. To get more information, check out the Accessibility Section on the EDC Orlando website.
  • PLURR: EDC Orlando is a safe haven for attendees to express themselves and have fun without any fear or judgment. When you arrive, remember to spread and preach nothing but Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. And don’t forget about the second “R” in PLURR which stands for Responsibility. Stay safe and stay responsible.
edc orlando
Photo from the official 2021 Photo Gallery (

Congratulations! You are now an EDC Orlando expert! Hopefully I covered everything I needed to ensure that your festival experience runs as smoothly as possible. If you are going to EDC for the first time, you will have an absolutely wonderful weekend. Just go into the festival with an open mind and heart and everything else will fall into place. If you are returning, the dancefloor patiently awaits your arrival once again. I can’t wait to see you all under the electric sky! Happy EDC!

Curious about what other big music festivals are going on throughout the year? Be sure to check out some of our other articles to see which festivals you might want to add to your travel plans:

This post was all about the ultimate guide to EDC Orlando.

Kaitlyn Finley
Kaitlyn Finley

Kaitlyn was born and raised in sunny South Florida and is now living in Orlando. She is attending the University of Central Florida and working towards a bachelor's degree in marketing. Her music festival journey began in 2019 at EDC Orlando, and it was absolutely life-changing. Her love of EDM grew exponentially as festivals continued to gift her the joys of love, friendship, and belongingness. Her main goals in life are to attend as many festivals as she can and eventually have a career in the EDM entertainment industry. Experimental bass is her genre of choice, Okeechobee is her favorite festival, and LSDream is her current favorite artist. Follow her on IG @kaitlynsexperience!

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