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Raveraide brings a new definition of safety, consciousness, and PLUR to the festival community. Combining cutting-edge Science with your most important needs in mind, see for yourself why our all natural product is the new standard for rave hydration.

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Quality hydration is everything when it comes to vibrating at your highest frequency. We believe that the key to high quality music festival experiences starts from within, starting with how well you hydrate and replenish the body. Raveraide is intended to be used Pre, Intra, and Post music festival. With precise electrolyte dosaging combined with our proprietary blend of vitamins and trace minerals, we guarantee that Raveraide will enhance your festival experience In more ways than you can imagine. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and our hydration sticks set the tone for an unforgettable weekend for you and those you love.

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Due to depleted electrolytes and minerals combined with sleep deprivation, our immune systems are working overtime to make sure that we stay healthy. Raveraide assists the body with immune support through scientifically backed doses of key electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins that assist the body with bouncing back and recovering from those music festival marathons.

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It’s no secret… Going to music festivals is hard on the body. Water alone doesn’t get the job done… In order to feel your best through the weekend, it is imperitive to replenish the brain and body with key essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to optimize your bodies ability to flow through the weekend. Raveraide packs an abundance of Neuroprotectants, Key Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Trace Minerals to ensure that you are in a peak state to enjoy your favorite sets of the weekend at the highest frequency possible, all while protecting the brain.

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Raveraide || Super Berry



Size: 16 Pack

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Size: 30 Pack

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Our Raveraide Hydration Sticks are our flagship product. This product is the result of hundreds of hours of research and development around what the body needs to be able to vibrate at its highest frequency while at a music festival, as well as in day to day life.

Raveraide addresses the most critical component of having an amazing weekend: Quality hydration and replenishment of the body. High quality experiences start from within, and we took this in to mind here at Raveraide. Our bodies are temples, incredible vessels that are capable of so much. So it is crucial that when we are exerting ourselves at a high level for long periods of time that we give our bodies the love they deserve.

Raveraide boasts clinically dosed amounts of Electrolytes, Vitamins, Mood Enhancing Nootropics, Trace Minerals, & Immune Support that keep you in an ideal state of Hydration, Sustained Energy, Focus, and Flow. With high quality ingredients such as Magnesium (Muscle Tension) L-Theanine (Anxiety reduction/Flow state optimization) L-Glutamine (Muscle Recovery and Digestion) paired with a delicious, smooth taste, there is no doubt that you will have a clearer, more elevated experience when using our hydration sticks. This means for you: More Natural Energy, More Flow, More Life changing moments, and above all else – Love for yourself and your body.

Here at Raveraide, we love you. Because we are you. We are one, and we only want the best for you, your body, and your life. This is why we created our hydration sticks – Because we all deserve the best.



At Raveraide, we feel that music is the true universal language. Music knows no bounds, is all inclusive, is unconditional in its love, and connects us all on a deep level. Raveraide’s mission is simple: to elevate and assist you in this beautiful journey we call life. Raveraide touts a scientifically backed proprietary blend of neuroprotectants, electrolytes, trace minerals, and sustainably sourced organic ingredients. Our chemistry helps you with focus, flow, hydration, muscle tension, achieving higher consciousness, and recovery after dancing the night away. Raveraide is the authority in hydration sticks and is specifically designed for ravers, by ravers, with your most important needs in mind so that you enjoy a safer and more elevated experience! Stop worrying about replenishing your body with the things it needs to feel incredible… use Raveraide to enhance your experience throughout the festival weekend.

Use Raveraide as a daily supplement, especially before, during, and after festivals. Whenever you’re in need of hydration, Raveraide’s got your back! Simply pour, shake, and elevate!

Vegan friendly, stimulant free, and with no 5HTP or artificial sweeteners, for a smooth, delicious taste. Because your body is a temple, we believe it deserves to vibrate at its optimal frequency. Raveraide redefines product integrity for hydration sticks.

Sustainability, transparency, longevity, and uncompromising quality.

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