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At Raveraide, we believe music is the true universal language. One that is all-inclusive, and connects each one of us on a deep level.

Music has the ability to heal, and allows each of us to express ourselves in our own unique and beautiful way.

Music festivals have given us a place to feel safe, accepted, and loved.

They have given us some of our most cherished memories, and have created a place where we can show up as our most authentic selves.

Our mission is simple: to give back to the community that has given so much to us.

To provide conscious products that help to heal us from the inside-out, and allow each of us to tap into the highest version of ourselves.

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Raveraide was developed to be the ultimate mind & body enhancing elixir.

One that never compromises on quality, and offers 100% transparency about what you’re actually putting into your body.

That means you get all the nutrients you need to experience peak flow states, without putting unnecessary junk in your body.

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What’s in Raveraide?

Want a full breakdown of what each ingredient does in our product?

Electrolyte cell salts
Huperzine A
Alpha GPC Nootropic
Acetyl l carnitine
magnesium supplement
L glutamine
vitamin b5 supplement
vitamin c supplement
vitamin d supplement

Electrolyte Cell Salts

Proprietary blend of essential minerals that help rapidly hydrate your body


Huperzine A

Chemical derived from Chinese Club Moss that helps to promote focus, clarity, and neurogenesis (growth of new brain cells)

Alpha GPC

Chemical made in the body from Choline that helps to promote memory & learning

alpha gpc


Produced from the amino acid L-Carnitine in the body. Used to fuel energy production in your cells, and improve mood & thinking


Amino acid used to promote relaxation by alleviating feelings of stress



Essential mineral used to alleviate tension and every day stress


Amino acid that aids in immune function, gut health, & muscle recovery

A girl holding stomach due to glut amine
So many foods of different types kept at the table

Vitamin B6

Essential vitamin that works to create neurotransmitters in your brain that regulate emotion

Vitamin B5

Essential vitamin that supports natural energy & red blood cell production

So many vitamin B5 marked foods
vitamin c

Vitamin C

Essential vitamin that plays a key role in immune support & neuroprotection

Vitamin D

Essential vitamin that supports mood, immune function, and hormone regulation

vitamin d
vitamin b12

Vitamin B12

Essential vitamin that supports natural energy & healthy nerve function


Essential trace mineral that aids in immune support, tissue repair, and DNA creation

So many foods along with zinc kept on a table

Our Commitment To Mental Health.

At Raveraide, we are dedicated to providing resources that provide holistic practices to aid in your mental health.

As part of this, we’ve created our own Ascended Raver healing protocol to help you heal & feel your very best each day.

5 man sitting with chakras in his body

Ascended Raver | Rave Shaman Manifesto

When the principles within this manuscript are implemented, one will transcend to the status of Rave Shaman.

Once transcended, a person shall become a master of their own mind & gain total control of their own energy source.

Rave Shamans are energy benders.

They are beacons of light & hope to those around them.

And with that power, they also carry the responsibility of enlightening others and empowering those around them to discover their own burning light that exists within.

Our mission as Rave Shamans, is to carry out the message of holistic healing through breathwork, discipline, & self-mastery

To heal those suffering physically & mentally by teaching them to unlock the gift that was given to each of us at birth.

And as a result elevate the collective consciousness to create a better, healthier, and happier future for us all.

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