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The first ever all-natural hydration sticks infused with brain boosting nootropics & immune support.

Packed with a combination of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and cognitive enhancing compounds with a deliciously smooth fruity taste.

Whether taken first thing in the morning, during a workout, or at your next music festival/party, Raveraide is perfectly formulated to get you into “flow” whenever you need it most.

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Don’t miss out on unforgettable memories with friends simply because you didn’t give your body what it needed to feel optimal and power you through the weekend.

Here at Raveraide.. We thought about your health, so you wouldn’t have to.

Each delicious serving is flavored with REAL fruit extracts, and derived from purely natural ingredients which means you never have to worry about consuming harmful additives or unwanted artificial ingredients with our products.

Take a look at what’s inside, and you’ll see why so many say they’ll never attend another music festival without Raveraide!

Delicious & Hydrating Electrolytes – Our electrolyte cell salt blend works to provide your body with rapid & long-lasting hydration to ensure you feel energized, focused, and clear every single day.

Daily Nutrients All In One Place – Get your daily serving of vitamins and minerals all in one delicious serving of Raveraide. Convenient & easy to take on the go, Raveraide is the perfect start to any morning.

Muscle Relaxation & Well-Being – Our unique blend contains both Magnesium and L-Theanine, which help to alleviate stress & promote a feeling of well-being while still feeling alert and energized.

Enhanced Muscle Recovery – Raveraide contains the amino acid Glutamine which can help to aid in muscle recovery whenever your body needs it most.

Brain Boosting Nootropics – Our hydration powder packs an abundance of neuro-protectants & nootropics designed to elevate your mood, clarity, creativity & focus without any added jitters or crash.

Boost Your Immune System – Raveraide contains powerful immune boosting properties such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, & more to help prevent you from getting sick after festivals, raves & parties.

Powerful Anti Hangover Drink – Drink Raveraide before, during, or after partying, and as a morning recovery drink as a way to hydrate your body and bounce back faster from any hangover or comedown. 

No Bad Stuff – Raveraide contains zero artificial colors/sweeteners, which means you can feel confident that you’re getting everything you need to perform optimally, without any harmful additives.


Stimulant Free
No 5-HTP
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Zero Artificial Colors/Dyes
Zero Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners
2g Organic Coconut Sugar

Uncompromising Quality, Because You & Your Health Are Worth It.

Hydrating Electrolytes

Our proprietary electrolyte cell salt blend provides rapid replenishment & long-lasting hydration whenever you need it most.

Cognitive Enhancing Nootropics

We use a signature blend of Nootropics that help to stimulate your brain, and provide you with more clarity & focus without unwanted jitters.

Muscle Recovery & Relaxation

Our products include specific amino acids & minerals designed to help calm the body & alleviate stress, while also aiding in muscle recovery.

Immune Support

Raveraide contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, & other nutrients designed to naturally support your defense against illness.

Science-Based Benefits

Rapid Hydration Matrix

Proprietary blend of electrolytes combined with Organic Coconut Sugar for enhanced absorption

Improved Calmness & Well-Being

L-Theanine & Magnesium to reduce anxiety & help you to feel relaxed without getting drowsy

Enhanced Clarity & Cognitive Function

Mood enhancing nootropics such as Huperzine A & Alpha GPC to protect your brain & enhance alertness

Sustained Natural Energy

Vitamin B-12, B-5, B-6 & Acetyl L Carnitine for a sustained natural boost of energy

Immune System Support

Efficacious dose of Vitamins D & C, Elderberry & Zinc to enhance your body’s defense against illness

Enhanced Recovery

L-Glutamine to promote faster muscle recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Raveraide different from other hydration sticks out there?

This is a big one we get asked, so let us clear the air.

We designed Raveraide to be SO much more than just your typical electrolyte drink.

In addition to the key vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and amino acids inside of the product.. Raveraide is also infused with mood enhancing Nootropics which are naturally occurring compounds that kinda act like superchargers for your brain.

In the long term, they’re designed to enhance memory & learning… while in the short term giving you a natural boost of energy, mental clarity, focus and creativity.

Raveraide was also formulated with ZERO artificial colors, dyes, sweeteners, or other processed junk.

Unlike most popular electrolyte drinks out there, Raveraide also contains only 2 grams of organic coconut sugar as opposed to others that LOAD their product with high amounts of refined sugar.

Quality has always been at the top of our values, because we believe that your body deserves the very best.

What’s inside of Raveraide?

Each delicious serving of Raveraide is loaded with clinical doses of:

  • ✔️Electrolytes so you can stay hydrated which means more sustained energy & fun throughout the night
  • ✔️Vitamin D & C so you can support your immune system which means you’re less likely to get sick after festivals
  • ✔️Magnesium & L-Theanine to calm & relax the body which means less of that pre-festival anxiety and jitters
  • ✔️Infused with Nootropics to enhance your mood & protect your brain which means less worrying about long-term damage from partying
  • ✔️Organic coconut sugar to give a quick boost of blood sugar & help with electrolyte absorption which means you always be able to get a quick boost whenever you’re feeling hot & tired.
  • ✔️No artificial colors, dyes, or sweeteners so you can feel confident that you’re putting the very best in your body with every serving of raveraide you drink

This means more energy, better mood, more mental clarity, more focus, more creativity, and most importantly… better and safer experiences while you laugh and dance the night away with the people you love most.

When’s the best time to drink Raveraide?

While it’s true that Raveraide was designed specifically to improve hydration and recovery at music festivals, the product is so much more than that.

With ingredients that enhance mood, focus, mental clarity, and creativity, it’s also incredibly effective as a daily optimization supplement taken either first thing in the morning or during a workout!

To get the full benefits of Raveraide, we recommend drinking first thing in the morning for a week straight and seeing how you feel 🙂