8 Best Rave Clothing Stores For Sustainable Rave Wear


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8 Best Rave Clothing Stores For Sustainable Rave Wear

sustainable rave wear
By Joie Carlucci

By Joie Carlucci

Raveraide Blog Writer

Looking for the best places to find unique sustainable rave wear? You’ve come to the right place!

At last, small brands and sustainable items are getting the recognition they deserve! There is no better feeling than wearing something created and hand-crafted just for you. I fell in love with how ravers cherish creativity and self-expression through music and fashion. My favorite part about music festivals is watching everyone there become their own unique characters. Sustainable and reworked fashion adds an edge of uniqueness to every look, while also helping the environment. 

You might be wondering what “sustainable/slow fashion” means. The definition is not far-off from the name. Products are always made in a controlled environment, where very piece of clothing gets a little bit of love. Using this method ensures the quality of each product is in tip-top shape. Typically, the materials are upcycled or leftover fabrics from previous clothing drops. Reworked vintage clothing has been making a massive comeback in the rave scene too! Many small businesses aim to end “fast fashion”, and provide festival goers with stylish options that are both ethical & better for the environment.

Fast fashion companies have appeared excessively in the past few years. Using cheap materials, they can overproduce a large amount of product which uses an extreme amount of energy. Toxic dyes are also being used in clothing and tested on animals. On top of that, workers of these large scale corporations are often being underpaid and exploited. It is overall damaging our planet, and it’s our job to continue to bring awareness to this issue! Luckily for my fellow ravers, today I am sharing some of my favorite brands for sustainable fashion & rave wear! 

Best Sustainable Rave Wear Brands

1.) SpiritHoods

Instagram: @spirithoods

Website: https://www.spirithoods.com

First is a necessity on my list for any rave, SpiritHoods! SpiritHoods uses 100% faux fur and works with multiple nonprofit organizations. One of the main things I love about this company is that 10% of all purchases go towards saving endangered animals. Being cold at raves is not fun, so warm up like an animal! My personal favorites are the hoods and shawls. One of the things that most intrigued me about this company is how they use minimal waste techniques, so no fabrics are thrown away. Plus, there is nothing cuter than wearing some paws.

SpiritHoods has won the PETA Libby award twice for curating the best cruelty-free animal accessory! They have also collaborated with sanctuaries to help all kinds of animals around the globe! 

Company Motto: As a brand we are dedicated to the celebration of life, the connection with oneself, the animal kingdom, and to those around you.

sustainable rave clothes

Photo of SpiritHoods

2.) Astral Vision Designs

Instagram: @astralvisiondesigns

Website: https://www.astralvisiondesigns.com

The braiding trends are back! If you want to feel like a real-life fairy I strongly recommend shopping from this company. Every piece from Astral Vision Designs is handmade by a loving, soon-to-be married couple. There is a massive selection of customizable items or even full-body outfits so ravers can take their uniqueness to the next level! They even accept size measurements so they can be made perfectly for you. Explore unique patterns you can only find from Astral! This brand does take longer than others to receive, but made with tons of love. The wait is worth it! 

Company Motto: “To bring out the divine being in each one of us by making you feel like a walking piece of art.” 

Photo of Astral Visions Design

3.) JewelzByJewelia

Instagram: @enchantedwings.co

Website: https://www.enchantedwings.co

Accessories and jewelry are what always complete an outfit am I right? A statement necklace is a must, and JewelzByJewelia will offer ravers just that. Unique handmade jewelry incorporating ethically sourced insects and precious gems. Using local/recycled materials, each product exudes authenticity and beauty. What I love about this company is that their products reflect a commitment to community and environmental preservation. Beautiful hand made chokers, bracelets, and body chains created to last a lifetime. Feel like a butterfly and get one today! 

Company Motto: “These timeless products are a rarity that will be passed down for generations.”

Photo of Astral Visions Design & JewelzByJewelia

4.) Rave Bae Couture

Instagram: @ravebaecouture

Website: https://www.ravebaecouture.com

Expression, expression, expression! Rave Baes’ goal is about allowing ravers to feel like the most confident version of themselves. Fashion for ravers, created by ravers who really work to instill & maintain the PLUR values within the rave community (Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect)! What can be better than that?

Raves are a safe space where people can express themselves in any way they please, and Rave Bae Couture strives to help customers achieve that through their amazing styles & designs. One thing I love about this company is that beyond their massive selection of festival outfits, they also post tons of helpful blogs around different topics in the EDM community. They also offer the convenience of full-styled outfits to help make your shopping & checkout process even easier. One of the coolest things about this company is that with every order, one tree gets planted in areas affected by deforestation. Partnering with the charity One Tree Planted has made helping out the environment & creating a healthier climate an easy task!

Company Motto:helping you express yourself through fashion, and look as amazing as possible for your next rave!” 

Photo of Rave Bae Couture

5.) Tasteful Girl

Instagram: @tastefulgirls

Website: https://thetastefulgirl.com

More outfits designed by ravers for ravers?? YES PLEASE! Every single piece is hand-made by a loving mom and daughter. This company is motivated by its passion for fashion, beauty, and music. Being introduced to the rave scene in high school showed them that fashion is a form of art and a beautiful way to express oneself! They take pride in creating pieces for dreamers, misfits, and fashionistas. TastefulGirls designs many beautiful one-of-a-kind prints for boys and girls worldwide! They even offer matching gloves, scrunchies, and skirts to add that extra edge to your festival outfit. Grab a TastefulGirls set for any event for a simple yet unique look, made with extra motherly love. 

Company Motto: I want to encourage any girl that comes across our brand to make their dreams come true and to know that whatever life you want to live, you can create that, and I totally believe in you!


Photo of Tasteful Girl

6.) Shay Kawaii

Instagram: @shaykawaii

Website: https://shaykawaii.com

I discovered Shay Kawaii last year, and I am so glad I did. Although this company may not be sustainable, it is still a slow, hand-made fashion with many customizing options all created in one place. Personally speaking, I have never had an outfit feel more like me. A mix of cyberpunk with y2k will leave people staring and asking, “Where did you buy that outfit?”. ShayKawaii’s mission is about breaking society’s fashion standards and allowing boys and girls all around the globe to be their most unapologetic selves! 

Company Motto: Was created for the unapologetic boys and girls, who aren’t conforming to society’s views and standards.”


Photo of Shay Kawaii

7.) Freedom Rave Wear

Instagram: @freedomravewear

Website: https://freedomravewear.com

Freedom Rave Wear holds a special place in my heart. This company is known for its dedication to sustainability and promises festival fashion succeeds correctly. Freedom operates its company with a triple-bottom mindset, consideration for People, Planet, and Profit. Their company guarantee is to ensure their clothing production will never harm the environment. One thing I love about Freedom is that all pieces are designed, cut, sewn, and shipped from one location. Pick from a selection of trippy colorful bodysuits to dark techno sets made from 90% recycled fabrics! They also somehow produce some of the softest material I’ve ever felt in my life. Quality is what always keeps me coming back! 

Company Motto: “Enable authentic people.” “Accelerate sustainable apparel manufacturing.”

Photo of Freedom Rave Wear

8.) CruciBel Conversion

Instagram: @crucibelconversion

Business Email: [email protected]

What is better than clothing designed by a raver, for ravers? CruciBel Conversion is a one-woman show and has quickly become one of my favorite brands to shop with for raves. Selling is achieved through an Instagram bidding system, so when you recieve that winning DM, it is even more of a surprise! Bella’s (store owner) motto is “Revamp, Rework, Resell.” and she does exactly that! Sometimes she will hold styling bundles, which means she will rework an entire outfit made only for you! Bella sells anything from casual outfits to one-of-a-kind rave wear. It makes me feel special knowing that my pieces are from Bella and nobody else will ever have them. All products are reworked pieces from thrift stores or sewn from scratch. It is impossible to go wrong participating in these bids!

sustainable festival clothing

Photo of CruciBel Conversion

So there you have it! Remember, there are HUNDREDS of other small businesses like these that you shop from and support, so the choices really are endless! All of these brands have a similar goal in mind, which is to provide you with fashionable options to feel like your most confident self, while also being environmentally responsible. Each small brand will more than likely be helping a cause, which means you will be helping too!

One of the best places to shop & find small businesses to support is at the festivals themselves! Take a walk around the tents and small business pop-ups to find unique pieces that will last a lifetime. Fashion is a form of expression, and putting money into cheap/ unsustainable brands will show through the quality of clothing. Ravers are high quality, and your outfits deserve to be the same! Express yourself in the best way possible by going sustainable, and supporting small businesses like these whenever possible.

This post was all about the best rave clothing shops that sell sustainable rave wear.

Joie Carlucci
Joie Carlucci

Hello friends!! I am so grateful to be writing /sharing advice for all my fellow ravers. Music, fashion, and photography have been my main passions throughout my entire life. Getting lost in the music, creativity, and art at music festivals is unmatchable. They've always felt like a second home where I could finally be MYSELF. Out of the festivals I have been to the past year and a half, I have to say Gem and Jam holds a special place in my heart. My top 3 favorite artists have to be Ganja White Night, Mersiv, and Liquid Stranger. On that note, I love you all. Peace love and wubz forever. ❤️

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