The Raveraide Story – What’s Inside Our Product


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The Raveraide Story – What’s Inside Our Product

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It was day three of EDC when it happened.


The conclusion of what was ultimately a beautiful weekend quickly turned to horror as one of our best friends collapsed suddenly in the middle of the crowd.

She was seizing, and all I could do was be there by her as I called for someone to go get the medical staff to come help.


It was only a couple days earlier when we had all arrived at our AirBnB in Vegas, and prepared for yet another magical weekend under the electric sky.

This was our second EDC, and we were bursting with excitement as we prepared to meet all our friends that we hadn’t seen in forever with huge smiles and warm hugs.

For anyone who hasn’t experienced walking through those stadium tunnels for the first time and overlooking the venue.. it’s truly something you have to see for yourself to believe.

The lights, the sounds, the people.. it’s larger than life and absolutely breathtaking.

The experience of going to EDC can be an incredibly beautiful and life changing one.

My life changed that weekend.. but in a different way.

 On that night as I watched over my friend as she suddenly collapsed in the crowd… I knew something had to change.

Her hydration pack had broken earlier in the night, and the medical staff deemed that a large factor of what caused her to collapse was due to physical exhaustion & dehydration.

It was day three after all, and for anyone who’s been to a three day festival.. you know how much of a toll it can take on your body.

The lack of sleep, food, and nutrients – on top of walking 30,000 steps per day is just a recipe for disaster.

 An experience that can be so transformative and life changing, can also turn into a terrifying experience if we’re not doing the things necessary to ensure our body is properly nourished.

 Fortunately our friend was fine, and we were relieved.


In fact, we were the lucky ones.


 Situations happen like this at festivals more times than I’d like to admit, and sadly they don’t always turn out as good as ours.

This experience, as scary as it may have been… was ultimately the catalyst for us spending the next 3 years developing an all-in-one hydration solution designed specifically to meet the most important needs for ravers & music festival-goers.

This was the moment that created Raveraide.

Before creating the product you see today, we had tried various ways to aid our experience and help us to recover during and after these festivals.

Electrolyte drinks that seemed to always be loaded with artificial colors & dyes, or pumped with unwanted high amounts of sugar.

These never seemed to do the trick.

To get everything we really wanted to enhance our festival experience, it often took us purchasing 5 or more different supplements and spending hundreds of dollars to get the recovery benefits and protection for our brains & bodies that we wanted.

With 0ur collective 10+ year backgrounds within the health, nutrition, & supplementation space, we KNEW we could help to bring a solution to a community that needed it most.

And just like that we dedicated ourselves to formulating a one-of-a-kind supplement specifically for ravers & festival goers.

We decided to take into account the most important needs within the EDM community, and create an all-natural, low sugar, and delicious tasting hydration supplement loaded with electrolytes, immune support, and brain boosting neuroprotectants.

We wanted something that could be taken as a daily enhancement supplement that would address the most common nutrient deficiencies that leave us feeling fatigued, foggy headed, and anxious.

Something that would allow people to kickstart their day knowing their most important nutritional needs were met, and one that would also naturally uplift their body & minds so they could perform at their highest capacity each day.

Most importantly, we needed to create a product that would solve the burning need for proper hydration at these long & hot music festivals, while also supplementing with key nutrients to improve festival-goers immune response & protect their brain.

With all that being said, we couldn’t be more proud to say, that’s exactly what we did.

Each delicious serving of Raveraide is loaded with clinical doses of:

✔️Electrolytes so you can stay hydrated which means more sustained energy & fun throughout the night.


✔️Vitamin D & C so you can support your immune system which means you’re less likely to get sick after festivals.


✔️Magnesium & L-Theanine to calm & relax the body which means less of that pre-festival anxiety and jitters.


✔️Infused with Nootropics to enhance your mood & protect your brain which means less worrying about long-term damage from partying.


✔️Organic coconut sugar to give a quick boost of blood sugar & help with electrolyte absorption which means you always be able to get a quick boost whenever you’re feeling hot & tired.


✔️No artificial colors, dyes, or sweeteners so you can feel confident that you’re putting the very best in your body with every serving of Raveraide you drink.


This means more energy, better mood, more mental clarity, more focus, more creativity, and most importantly… better and safer experiences while you laugh and dance the night away with the people you love most.


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