17 Artists You NEED To Catch At Forbidden Kingdom


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17 Artists You NEED To Catch At Forbidden Kingdom

By Kaitlyn Finley

By Kaitlyn Finley

Raveraide Blog Writer

Going to Forbidden Kingdom and need some artist recommendations?

Forbidden Kingdom is creeping up on us! In just a couple of months, we will all once again be reunited under the hot Florida sun to frolic around and bask in the bass. They’re also celebrating the five-year festival anniversary this year, so you know it’s going to be huge! I am so excited to see all of the wonderful things they have planned!

We all know why we are gathered here today. On April 4th, 2023, the most legendary lineup of all time was released. Like, are you guys seeing what I’m seeing? I didn’t think it could get any better than the 2022 lineup, but boy did they prove me wrong. Every single name on the lineup is absolutely amazing. In this article, I wanted to highlight a few of the artists that you should definitely check out, especially if this is your first time at Forbidden Kingdom or if you’re just starting to get into the bass scene. It was extremely hard to choose what artists I wanted to write about (because they’re all incredible), but I believe the list paints a good picture of all the different kinds of talent you can find at Forbidden Kingdom. If you haven’t seen it already, check out this masterpiece:

Forbidden Kingdom Poster With Some Quotes

Forbidden Kingdom Artists You Need To Check Out

1.) Zeds Dead

Starting off strong with one of my all-time favorite artists! Zeds Dead is made up of two people named Dylan Mamid (DC) and Zachary Rapp-Rovan (Hooks). One of the main reasons why I love them so much is because of how diverse their music and sets are. They are great producers, and you can expect to hear house, dubstep, drum and bass, and more at their sets. A few of my personal favorite songs from them are Collapse, Ecstasy Of Soul (ft. Griz), and Shady Intentions (ft. NGHTMRE and Tori Levett)! Make sure to also catch their back-to-back with Chase & Status at Forbidden Kingdom!

2.) Peekaboo

Is it just me or has Peekaboo been absolutely popping off recently? I just saw him at Okeechobee last month, and he rocked my freaking world. Matthew Lucas (Peekaboo’s real name) knows how to bring the energy and specializes in dubstep and freeform bass. His sets are always an amazing time, and you will definitely leave them with your brain melted. He has two sets at Forbidden Kingdom this year, and one of them is a special set called Hide & Seek Takeover. I’m excited to see what it’s all about! If you haven’t already, you need to listen to his song with Skrillex, Flowdan, and BEAM called Hydrate. It is magnificent. 

3.) Excision

Of course I had to include the king of bass. How could I not? Excision, real name Jeff Abel, will once again be blessing our ears and blowing our minds at Forbidden Kingdom this June. Excision is one of those DJs that you absolutely NEED to see before you die. His energy is insane, and each drop just gets better and better as the set goes on. If you like dubstep, you will love Excision! He will be playing two sets at Forbidden Kingdom; one is a normal set, and one is his “detox” set, which is a lot more experimental and wonky. The songs Feel Something (ft. I Prevail and Illenium), Name Drop (ft. Wooli), and Vault are a great Excision starter pack!

4.) Sullivan King

If you’re a fan of dubstep and heavy metal, you are going to LOVE Sullivan King. Keaton Prescott has perfected the art of combining the two genres. Rock and Roll? More like Rock and Wubs. I remember I was walking past his set at Okeechobee this year and I needed to stop everything I was doing and watch. He does a lot of the vocals on his own songs and they are seriously impressive. Some of his most popular songs are Someone Else, Let Me Go (ft. Wooli), and Fall Apart (ft. Excision).

5.) Emorfik

If you haven’t heard of Emorfik, WYD? Damiano Cortini is a 21-year-old up-and-coming DJ who is taking the bass scene by storm. I remember seeing him long ago on TikTok dropping the nastiest sounds I’ve ever heard and barely getting any likes. He kept popping up on my For You Page after that, and it was so cool to watch him grow so quickly. His music is dark, intense, and ANGRY, with similar vibes to Svdden Death. I saw him for the first time recently at a local club, and he rocked my world! If you’re in the mood to rage, he just released a new song called Hurtful Intentions. Be sure to catch him at Forbidden Kingdom, because he is truly a legend in the making! 

6.) Deathpact

Deathpact still holds the place of one of the best sets I have ever seen. His set at Okeechobee in 2022 honestly changed my life. Since then I have seen them twice, and Forbidden Kingdom will be my third. Deathpact is another DJ that everyone should have on their bucket list. Their sets are always so much fun, and the mystery around Deathpact is so alluring. Nobody knows who Deathpact is; the only confirmed information we have is that they are four different people. Maybe we’ll find out one day… Some of my favorite songs by Deathpact are Chemical Bond (ft. Rezz), 0506+056, and Soothsayer.

7.) Kumarion

You know this list wouldn’t be complete without some drum and bass! Drum and bass is slowly creeping its way into the United States and I am all for it! Omar Kadmiri is a drum and bass/deep dubstep producer and DJ who has been absolutely killing the game recently. I saw him for the first time when he did a back-to-back with Reaper at Imagine Music Festival, and it was one of my favorite sets from that festival. His sets are extremely energetic and his music will have you on full GO-MODE. A few songs by him I highly recommend are Want It, The Uprising (ft. Reaper), and Aura.

8.) Svdden Death

This is one for my ANGRY homies! Svdden Death’s name is Daniel Howland, and he is a DJ/producer known for his insane dubstep sets. If you have never been to a Svdden Death set, the best way I can describe it is loud, abrasive, intense, and honestly not for the faint of heart. In addition to the crazy music, you can also expect some REALLY crazy (and kind of scary) visuals. Despite feeling like you’re lowkey being possessed by the bass, his performances are a really cool experience and a super fun time. If you enjoy going ballistic and can appreciate a good moshpit, you definitely need to catch his set at Forbidden Kingdom. His most popular songs (on Spotify) are Crusade (ft. Marshmello), Behemoth, and Blood On Me (ft. Slander).

9.) Ganja White Night

Ganja White Night is another one of my personal favorites! The group includes two people, Benjamin Bayeul and Charlie Dodson. They specialize in classic dubstep, and the best way I can describe their music is wubby and wobbly. I saw them at Imagine Music Festival last year, and I was movin’ and groovin’ the whole entire time. They’re a great set to catch if you’re more in the mood to chill and boogie, but you’re still craving some wonky bass. I’m so excited to see them for a second time at Forbidden Kingdom! If you want to check them out beforehand, I recommend listening to Jungle Juice (ft. Liquid Stranger), Flava (ft. Boogie T), and Narnia.

10.) Mersiv

Mersiv is another great artist you should check out at Forbidden Kingdom. Anderson Gallegos is an insanely talented DJ/Producer who is revolutionizing the bass scene with his unique sound. He specializes in mainly freeform bass and draws a lot of inspiration from spiritual and psychedelic themes. I saw him at Okeechobee this year and his set left me in a beautiful trance! A few of his most popular songs include Beautiful & Filthy (ft. Chill Bobby), Paradise (ft. Fryar), and Fire Dance (ft. Attitude). 

11.) Chase & Status

Chase & Status is one of the names on the lineup that really make it shine. Chase & Status is a legendary drum and bass duo (Saul Milton and Will Kennard) from London. If you have never been to a drum and bass set, I highly recommend seeing them, especially if you like high-energy sets and non-stop movement! They are also incredible producers, with over two million monthly listeners on Spotify. They are doing two sets at Forbidden Kingdom, a normal set and a back-to-back with Zeds Dead. It’s going to be mad! To get a little preview of what Chase & Status are all about, three popular songs by them are Blind Faith (ft. Liam Bailey), All Goes Wrong (ft. Tom Grennan), and End Credits (ft. Plan B).

12.) Drinkurwater

Drinkurwater is another up-and-coming DJ/Producer who is absolutely KILLING it right now! His name is Kevin Flum, and he has been popping up on lineups everywhere recently. Dubstep, trap, and overall grimey bass are a few genres that you can expect at his live sets. As a producer, he has a distinct and recognizable sound, which is something that is becoming increasingly important as the world of EDM grows. There are so many songs by him that I love, and I am so pumped to see him live for the first time at Forbidden Kingdom this year! A few of my personal favorites are Ear Tickle, Saltwater, and Movement.

13.) Reaper

The last but certainly not least drum and bass artist on this list is Reaper. Similarly to Deathpact, Reaper is a masked DJ whose identity is currently unknown. What I DO know about Reaper is that his music and performances are off the freaking charts. Reaper specializes in that hardcore, fast-paced, drenched in sweat by the end of the set kind of drum and bass. He is going to absolutely kill it at Forbidden Kingdom, and his set is certainly not one you are going to want to miss. Three songs by him that you need to add to your playlist are Make A Move, Coach, and IMY (ft. Bella Renee).

14.) Boogie T

If the word “vibe” was a human being, it would definitely be Boogie T. Boogie T, whose actual name is Brock Thorton, is an artist from the swamps of Louisiana who has secured a spot in the hearts of many bass fans. He throws down the wonkiest dubstep, riddim, and funk, and his sets are always such a fun time. His success has only been rapidly growing over the years, with over 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and amazing collaborations with artists like Subtronics, Ganja White Night, NGHTMRE, and more. Check out the new single he just released called Smokin Dat Spliff, as well as some of his other bangers like Nuclear Bass Face (ft. NGHTMRE and Subtronics) and Flava (ft. Ganja White Night).

15.) Atliens

Up next, we’ve got Atliens. Atliens is a group from Atlanta made up of two masked individuals whose identities are unknown. They are going to bring some serious dubstep and hybrid trap realness to Forbidden Kingdom this year, and I am SO ready. Their set that I saw at Imagine Music Festival last year was another one of my favorites from that weekend! Their music will have you simultaneously in a trance and dancing the whole time. You don’t want to miss them! To get the hype going, I recommend listening to Alchemy, Invasion, and Exterminate (ft. Hairitage). 

16.) Wreckno

I was so excited to see Wreckno on the Forbidden Kingdom lineup this year! I saw them at Okeechobee and their set turned out to be one of my favorites that weekend. Wreckno has been such an inspiring individual in the bass scene, spreading love everywhere they go and creating a safe and expressive environment for the LGBTQ+ community. The energy, the music, and the crowd at Wreckno’s sets are all a 10/10, and they do an amazing job at interacting and connecting with the audience. If you love to dance and are always down for some hot and spicy remixes, Wreckno will be perfect for you. Some songs I really like by them are Medusa (ft. Griz), Holla (ft. Liquid Stranger), and Stomper (ft. Eazybaked).

17.) Black Tiger Sex Machine

The last must-see artist on our list is Black Tiger Sex Machine, or BTSM for short. BTSM, a group made of up three guys named Marc Chagnon, Julien Maranda, and Patrick Barry, is known for their heavy bass/midtempo music and distinguishable tiger masks. They put on an absolutely incredible show live, and they’re definitely going to be one of the stars of Forbidden Kingdom. A few of BTSM’s most popular songs are Cheatcode (ft. Hairitage and Hyro the Hero), Lifeline (ft. Kayzo and Point North), and Out Of My Head (ft. Riot Ten and Thrashout).

We are so unbelievably blessed to be able to see all of these amazing artists this year at Forbidden Kingdom. It’s not even a question that they will bring immaculate vibes, high energy, and next-level bass. Hopefully this post made you guys just as excited as I am! If you have seen all of these artists already, I definitely recommend branching out and checking out all of the other amazing sets. See all of you there!

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This post was all about artists to check out at Forbidden Kingdom.

Kaitlyn Finley
Kaitlyn Finley

Kaitlyn was born and raised in sunny South Florida and is now living in Orlando. She is attending the University of Central Florida and working towards a bachelor's degree in marketing. Her music festival journey began in 2019 at EDC Orlando, and it was absolutely life-changing. Her love of EDM grew exponentially as festivals continued to gift her the joys of love, friendship, and belongingness. Her main goals in life are to attend as many festivals as she can and eventually have a career in the EDM entertainment industry. Experimental bass is her genre of choice, Okeechobee is her favorite festival, and LSDream is her current favorite artist. Follow her on IG @kaitlynsexperience!

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