How Raveraide Supplements and Supports Fitness Enthusiasts and Ravers Alike


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How Raveraide Supplements and Supports Fitness Enthusiasts and Ravers Alike

raveraide supplements
By Shannon Sierra

By Shannon Sierra

@fit2rave on IG

One drink that can supplement and support ravers AND fitness enthusiasts?

As a trainer (and raver) who aims to help festival attendees, artists, and others in the EDM community feel healthier, get strong and gain confidence, I can’t help but constantly draw parallels between festivals and fitness.

For instance, could you go to a festival feeling like trash, eating poorly, sleeping terribly, with aches and pains and horrible endurance? 

What about training? Could you train under any of those same conditions?

Technically, yes. It wouldn’t be very enjoyable, but you totally could. Though when it comes to fitness, those reasons are literally WHY some people start their journey. 

The healthier you get over time, the more enjoyable your festival AND training experiences will be. What you put into your body will effect everything from your training to your recovery; from your festival experience, to how you feel afterward.

I was first introduced to Raveraide at EDC Las Vegas 2021 and it was a no-brainer for me to use it during and after the festival to support recovery and keep the dreaded rave-flu at bay. It worked beautifully. After looking at the list of ingredients, I (of course) noticed similarities between things that I would want in a supplement not only as a raver, but as a lifter.


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Raveraide as a Pre-Workout Replacement?

When I say “workout supplement” what is the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s not protein shakes or creatine, it’s likely pre-workout. 

Now, I’m not here to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t use pre-workout. Always do your own research and make an informed decision that makes sense for you. It’s important to be aware of a common issue with pre’s: when they list ingredients as “proprietary blends.” This is a sneaky way of not having to disclose the amounts of certain ingredients in the product, which allows the manufacturer to add fillers to bulk it up. In these cases, the consumer doesn’t really know the actual dosage or amount they are getting in the product, and then inevitably consuming.

Raveraide is very transparent with their ingredients, and has a detailed description available about their every product they make. While there’s more to Raveraide’s product description than what I am about to highlight here, the following components of Raveraide are the ones I view as most beneficial when it comes to its use as a workout supplement.

Key Ingredients:

“Delicious & Hydrating Electrolytes – Our electrolyte cell salt blend works to provide your body with rapid & long-lasting hydration to ensure you feel energized, focused, and clear every single day.”

This one is pretty clear-cut, but important. As we workout and perspire, we lose salt, and need electrolyte replenishment. Sipping on Raveraide during your workout provides the hydration you need!

“Muscle Relaxation & Well-Being – Our unique blend contains both Magnesium and L-Theanine, which help to alleviate stress & promote a feeling of well-being while still feeling alert and energized.”

L-Theanine is a common ingredient in pre-workout, because it actually works to combat any negative side effects of stimulants like caffeine (jitters and anxiousness). While Raveraide does not have stimulants, you still benefit from the calm, focused energy L-Theanine provides. Magnesium supports healthy muscle function and works to reduce muscle spasms and cramping, and is a widely recommended supplement amongst gym-goers. For this alone, Raveraide scores big points as a workout supplement.

“Enhanced Muscle Recovery – Raveraide contains the amino acid Glutamine which can help to aid in muscle recovery whenever your body needs it most.”

Glutamine is another popular supplement amongst lifters, and can also be found in pre’s. Glutamine speeds up the rate of muscle recovery, reduces muscle soreness, fatigue and stimulates new muscle synthesis, and acts as a fuel for the synthesis of immune cells to fight inflammation. Using it intra-lift, instead of before, works just as well in preventing dips in cell concentrations of glutamine.

“Boost Your Immune System – Raveraide contains powerful immune boosting properties such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, & more to help prevent you from getting sick after festivals, raves & parties.”

Ready for me to draw yet another fitness/festival parallel?! Just like festivals, lifting heavy and training hard IS a form or stress on the body (good stress, but stress nonetheless). Raveraide not only supports muscle recovery and combats fatigue, but promotes healthy immune system function, for us as festival attendees and as fitness enthusiasts.

“Brain Boosting Nootropics – Our hydration powder packs an abundance of neuro-protectants & nootropics designed to elevate your mood, clarity, creativity & focus without any added jitters or crash.”

Anecdote time for this one. I knew Raveraide was chock-full of good-for-me ingredients, so simply drinking it for the vitamins and electrolytes was more than enough reason for me. Then, I heard feedback that it was great to use intra-lift, and that some people no longer felt the need for caffeine or pre-workout supplementation after using Raveraide during their lifts. I will not deny that I enjoy my coffee, but I also will freely admit that I would love to be less dependent on caffeine. Knowing this, I was skeptical that I would feel much energy, clarity, or focus during a lift, solely from Raveraide. Without any added stimulants? Doubtful. 

Let me tell you…I was pleasantly surprised. I felt noticeably focused and alert, but not in the jittery, semi-anxious way caffeine and other ingredients in pre-workout can make you feel. I can only describe it as a very clear drive to execute what I set out to do in the gym, with added ease in progressing my strength across lifts. Raveraide has gotten me through numerous leg days, just as well as any pre-workout ever has (we all know how taxing a killer leg day can be!), and without any of the less-than desirable side-effects of an actual pre.

“No Bad Stuff – Raveraide contains zero artificial colors/sweeteners, which means you can feel confident that you’re getting everything you need to perform optimally, without any harmful additives.”

You won’t see “proprietary blend” on any Raveraide packages. Every ingredient was carefully chosen and formulated to serve an intended purpose, and nothing unnecessary is included. 

You can use it before, during, and/or after your workout (just like you can drink it before, during, and/or after a festival) without worry of adverse side-effects.

raveraide supplements

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The Bottom Line

If you’ve used Raveraide to elevate your festival experience and promote better health and recovery throughout the festival, you clearly care about your health and well-being to some degree. It’s not far-fetched to assume that those with the forth-thought to use Raveraide to take care of their bodies and minds during a festival, likely care about their health and physical fitness, to some degree, outside of the festival. 

Why not have the same care and attentiveness to the supplementation used during your workouts, where you also need focus, endurance, recovery, and immune support? From the gym to the festival, incorporating Raveraide as a supplement will help to build a healthier, stronger you.

This post was all about how Raveraide supplements and supports fitness enthusiasts and ravers alike.

Shannon Sierra
Shannon Sierra

Shannon Sierra is a San Diego based personal trainer and online coach. Follow her @fit2rave or visit her website for more info!

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