17 Cool Rave Gadgets & Toys to Bring to Your Next Festival


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17 Cool Rave Gadgets & Toys to Bring to Your Next Festival

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By Kaitlyn Finley

By Kaitlyn Finley

Raveraide Blog Writer

Looking to find some fun new rave gadgets & toys to bring to your next music festival?

Music festivals are the perfect place to express yourself and have fun in any way 
you want. The whole festival is designed to ensure you have the best experience 
you can, but you can bring things to make that experience even better!

Over the years, our rave ancestors have figured out the best toys, gadgets, and accessories 
to bring and enhance your night. Some of the things I will be mentioning are flow 
toys, which are props used to dance or “flow” with. Practicing flow arts is a great 
hobby because it challenges the mind and body but creates a beautiful outcome 
and helps you become more in tune with your body movement! After reading this 
list, pick a couple of things you like and bring them to your next festival!

Best Rave Gadgets & Toys

1.) Hula-Hoop

When you think of hula-hooping, you probably think of spinning a circle around your waist. What if I told you there’s an entire style of dancing that incorporates a variety of different tricks and light displays using one or multiple hula-hoops? Hooping is one of the most common flow arts in the rave community, with different-sized hoops, LED hoops, and even using two or more hoops at a time. I personally picked up hooping about three years ago and I 
absolutely love it. It’s a great way to get introduced to the flow community and can be an awesome hobby if you’re looking for one!

rave hula hoop

LED Hula Hoop from Ignis Pixel

2.) LED Gloves

You honestly have not lived until you’ve received a light show from an expert glover. Gloving is the art of moving your hands and fingers in a glove that has lights attached to each finger tip. The point of gloving is to give people a light show right in front of their faces, syncing their movements with the music to produce a trippy effect for the recipient. These light shows are sometimes accompanied by another form of flow behind the glover and even a massage for the person getting the light show while it’s happening. Truly a spiritual experience. Unfortunately many festivals have now banned people from bringing LED gloves into the venue (dumb), so you may want to check before purchasing some before your next fest.

LED Gloves from GloFX

3.) Poi

Have you ever been to a festival and saw someone with these mystical glowing orbs swinging around? Those are Poi Balls! Poi is another form of flow and consists of two light-up objects that are attached to each other on strings. A great thing about poi is that it’s beginner-friendly, so it’s a great start to your flow 
journey. When done correctly, they can be insanely mesmerizing! This one time at 
a festival I sat in front of a poi light show for about an hour just absolutely transfixed.

Poi Balls from EmazingLights

4.) Kaleidoscope Goggles

I remember seeing a bunch of people wearing these kaleidoscope googles at the first festival I ever attended, so I decided to impulsively buy myself a pair that day so I could see what all the hype was about. Those goggles became my 
absolute everything and I probably had them on more than I had them off that weekend! The 
lenses of these goggles have a kaleidoscopic effect and make everything around 
you look super wonky. If you plan on wearing these, make sure to take them off 
while walking around because they can mess with your distance and depth 
perception (learned that the hard way).

Kaleidoscope Goggles from Rave Ready

5.) Light Diffraction Glasses

If you’re looking for some trippy eye wear but don’t want the intensity of kaleidoscope goggles, invest in a pair of diffraction glasses! The two most common forms of these glasses are the regular rainbow diffraction ones and the heart diffraction ones. When you put these glasses on, all the lights around you appear 
to be covered with rainbows or hearts, and it’s actually really cool! I own a pair of heart diffraction glasses and every time I put them on, I get filled with so much joy and love! I also 
personally prefer the glasses over the goggles because you can actually wear them and see where you’re going the entire time you’re at the festival.


Heart Diffraction Glasses from GloFX

6.) LED Glow Whip/Space Whip

Before anyone gets any funny ideas, no this is not a weapon or sex toy! (I guess it could be…)  An LED Whip, also known as a Space Whip, is a whip-shaped array of LED fibers that light up and showcase numerous different settings and patterns. The whip is meant to be danced with and is designed to glide across your body in order to do tricks. The 
LED Whip is another great option for beginners because it is easy to learn and easy to master! When using one of these, always remember to stay a safe 
distance away from people because when one of those LED fibers hits you, you will definitely feel it!

LED Space Whip from GloFX

7.) Silk Fans

Ever wanted to feel like an absolute goddess? Get yourself some silk fans! I have a 
pair of these myself and let me tell you, dancing with them outside and flowing with the wind feels straight-up magical. They sell them in lots of different colors and designs which makes them a fun collectible as well. What I like about silk fans 
is that there are not many tricks you can do with them, so you must rely on the flow and movement of your body to create the art!

Silk Fans

8.) Neck Fans

Daytime festivals, especially during the warmer months, are notorious for being blazing hot. Hand fans can be a quick solution for the boiling weather but sometimes you’re just too lazy to get that fan out and fan yourself. Instead of hoping and praying someone miraculously walks by and fans you, get a neck fan! These rechargeable, portable fans sit comfortably around your shoulders and blow cool air into your face. Staying cool at a festival is extremely important, especially at camping festivals where you’re running around in the hot sun all day! These fans are perfect for giving you a nice, constant stream of fresh cold air on your face and in my opinion are an absolute game changer.

rave neck fan

Neck Fan

9.) Levitation Wand

Levitation or “Levi” Wands are another awesome form of flow art. They are short LED 
wands with a thin string attached to them which allows you to control them.

Since the string is so thin, you can’t usually see it while you’re dancing and it 
makes the wand appear like it’s levitating around you. They’re a great optical 
illusion meant for melting minds, and they’re easy to learn with a lot of practice! 

Levitation Wand from Ignis Pixel

10.) High Fidelity Earplugs

Earplugs, earplugs, earplugs! I cannot stress these enough! As much as we all love the experience of hearing our favorite artists live, the truth is those loud speakers can be seriously damaging to your hearing. I’m going to bring some serious rave mom energy here, because I don’t want you to be the 65+ year old guy or gal who has to yell everything because you lost all your hearing.

Especially if you’re someone who regularly attends raves or music festivals, you absolutely NEED to invest in some high-quality, high fidelity earplugs. The cool thing about these kind of earplugs is that their specially designed to protect your ears, without actually muffling the sound and ruining the music. In fact, whenever I’m at festivals I usually forget they’re in there after about 10 minutes of wearing them! Two companies I really like for high fidelity earplugs are Plurplugs and Eargasm. Definitely get yourself a pair, your future self will thank you!

High Fidelity Ear Plugs from Plur Plugs

11.) Buugeng/S-Staff

Buugeng, or s-staffs, are S-shaped props that create a mesmerizing effect when 
spinning. It’s insane how such a simple object can be moved in certain ways and 
look so captivating! I feel like buugeng is another beginner-friendly flow art 
because the flow is simple and doesn’t require a ton of crazy tricks. I have heard 
that the pieces can be pretty heavy, so make sure you have that strength up 
before attempting! 

Buugeng/S-Staff from Ignis Pixel

12.) LED Orbits

Orbiters are great because they’re one of the few items you can use to give yourself a light show! The simplest way I can describe an LED Orbit is a series of small lights attached to strings that create an image when spun and then pulled tightly. They’re a super fun toy to keep on you at raves and they can provide quick 
entertainment if you need it! As you play with it more and more, you can also start to learn really cool tricks and blow people’s minds!

LED Orbit from GloFX

13.) Gua Sha/Face Rollers

This is one of those things that you never think of needing for a music festival, but you really do. I got introduced to the magic wonders of face rolling at a rave recently and I’ve never been the same. I love using these items because it’s a great way to relax and push some of the stress and tightness out of your face for a couple of minutes. For some reason, the face roller and gua sha stay super cold when they’re packed away in your bag, so it’s equally as refreshing every time you use it!

rave face rollers

Gua Sha/Face Roller

14.) Magic Flow Ring

Has anyone ever come up to you at a festival and put this strange metal slinky-looking thing on your arm? It was probably a magic flow ring! A magic flow ring is a toy made from a bunch of metal rings connected to each other in the middle. You can put your hand through the middle and let the ring go all the way up your arm and then back down, connecting it to your other arm. Who knew such a simple little toy could be so hypnotizing? Another reason why magic rings are great to have with you at a festival is that the cold metal feels amazing going up your arm when you’re super hot and sweaty! 

Magic Flow Ring from GloFX

15.) Flow Star

Flow stars! Live out your dream of spinning pizza dough like a professional with one of these bad boys (I know you’ve always wanted to do it). A flow star is a 
piece of cloth that is meant to be spun on your hand and then thrown up into the air. What’s awesome about this product is that you can incorporate some tricks into your flow and really get creative! Flowing with a flow star really challenges your coordination and focus but can be super relaxing once you master it. They have a lightweight and thin material which makes it the perfect flow toy that you can bring to any show. Plus, you’re bound to make some friends and get some peoples attention when they see your awesome pizza tossing skills!

Flow Star from FlowStar

16.) Staff

In my humble opinion, I think the staff is one of the coolest forms of flow arts. A 
staff is basically what it sounds like, a long stick or pole that usually ranges from 3-
5 feet in length and typically has the width of a broomstick. Sometimes the staff 
will have weighted things on each end to allow for better rotational inertia…science!

The reason I think it’s one of the coolest forms of flow is that I 
can imagine it must be extremely difficult to control such a long heavy item and have it connect with your body. I watch people use their staff and it just 
effortlessly rolls and glides against multiple points on their body with ease! If you’re looking for a challenge, definitely look into buying a staff!

LED Staff from Conscious Electronic

17.) Anti-Theft Phone Tether Clip

While it’s amazing to see EDM becoming more and more mainstream, unfortunately that also means that there’s more people attending who don’t abide by the PLUR values within the community.

Phone theft has definitely become more prevalent since I first got into the scene, and as someone who has personally gotten their phone stolen while at EDC, I can tell you it really puts a damper on your weekend.

The good news is, you can easily prevent this from happening to you by picking up a simple & cheap anti-theft phone tether before your next festival! Not only are they great for keeping you safe from pick-picketers, but it also prevents you from accidentally dropping or losing your phone throughout the night. 

One awesome product that we recommend is Clutchloop. One end of the tether is stuck to your phone and the other end has a clip that you can attach to your pants or your bag. If a thief tries to swipe your phone while you’re not looking, you’ll definitely be able to feel it when they’re walking away!

Anti-Theft Phone Tether Clip from Clutchloop

This post was all about the coolest rave gadgets & toys to bring to your next music festival.

Kaitlyn Finley
Kaitlyn Finley

Kaitlyn was born and raised in sunny South Florida and is now living in Orlando. She is attending the University of Central Florida and working towards a bachelor's degree in marketing. Her music festival journey began in 2019 at EDC Orlando, and it was absolutely life-changing. Her love of EDM grew exponentially as festivals continued to gift her the joys of love, friendship, and belongingness. Her main goals in life are to attend as many festivals as she can and eventually have a career in the EDM entertainment industry. Experimental bass is her genre of choice, Okeechobee is her favorite festival, and LSDream is her current favorite artist. Follow her on IG @kaitlynsexperience!

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