15 Insomniac Festivals You Absolutely NEED To Check Out


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15 Insomniac Festivals You Absolutely NEED To Check Out

insomniac festivals
By Kaitlyn Finley

By Kaitlyn Finley

Blog Writer for Raveraide

Looking for some new amazing music festivals to add to your bucket list?

Oh Insomniac, what on Earth would we do without you? If I ask you to think of your top five favorite music festivals, there’s a good chance that most of them are thrown by Insomniac!

Insomniac is one of the largest EDM production companies in the world. They have blessed us with so many of the wonderful festivals we know and love today! Founded all the way back in 1993, Insomniac has been a major contributor to today’s rave culture and the normalization of large-scale EDM festivals. Pasquale Rotella, the founder of Insomniac, is probably one of the most wholesome and involved people I know. The work he does is the ultimate example of things being done for ravers, by ravers. According to Insomniac’s website, the creation of Insomniac was inspired by the Los Angeles underground dance music scene of the early ’90s. The mission of Insomniac has been, and continues to be, coming together in peace, expressing our individuality, and celebrating life. How beautiful is that?!

Insomniac throws countless festivals and events, and you know it’s going to be a crazy time if you see that little eye-shaped logo on an event announcement. Today I will be talking about fifteen of the best festivals thrown by Insomniac, in no particular order. If you are looking for a new festival to add to your 2023 lineup, definitely consider one of these absolutely insane events! You won’t regret it! 🙂

Top 15 Insomniac Music Festivals

1.) EDC Las Vegas

May 19-21, 2023  |  Las Vegas, Nevada


Starting off strong with this one! EDC Las Vegas is like the final boss of music festivals in the United States. It’s a massive wonderland of lights, colors, music, and magic. It takes place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which is just a couple minutes away from the Strip. The most notable thing about EDC Vegas is definitely the size of the festival and the number of cool things you can do. There are nine unique stages, carnival rides, interactive art installations, tons of food stands and bars, and so much more. Did you know that you can get married at one of their wedding chapels?! Perfect place to bring your rave bae! The lineup always features all genres of EDM, so there’s something for everyone.

edc las vegas
Photo from the EDC Las Vegas Photo Gallery

2.) Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival

March 2-5, 2023  |  Okeechobee, Florida


Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival is one of Insomniac’s more chill, diverse festivals. It’s a four-day camping festival at a beautiful venue called Sunshine Grove in Okeechobee, Florida. I love the venue because it feels like you’re in another world and it’s the perfect combination of forest and beachy vibes. You can get lost in a techno trance at Jungle 51, set up a hammock and relax all day near the Be stage, or get your tan on while partying at Aquachobee. Okeechobee stands out from a lot of these other festivals because of the wide variety of music on the lineup they put out every year. In addition to EDM, you can also find genres like rock, hip-hop, indie, jam, and more. On this year’s lineup, some of the headliners include Excision, Odesza, Earth, Wind & Fire, Lil Yachty, Goose, and more music legends.

Insomniac Festival Celebrated At The Town
Photo from the Okeechobee Photo Gallery

3.) Beyond Wonderland

March 24-25, 2023  |  San Bernardino, California


Beyond Wonderland is an absolute dream. The festival is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, so be prepared to be mesmerized by all of the whimsical decorations and performers. There are so many amazing areas to explore, and you can get lost (in the best way) for hours in all of the magic! Like most of the Insomniac festivals held in southern California, it takes place at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino. There are five incredible stages, with each one delivering high-quality audio and visual production. You can always expect the music to be fire, and the 2023 lineup surely did not disappoint. This year, Beyond Wonderland will be welcoming huge names like Excision, Kaskade, Wax Motif, Svdden Death, Andy C, and more.

Photo from the Beyond Wonderland Photo Gallery

4.) Project GLOW

April 29-30, 2023 | Washington D.C.


Project GLOW is the newest addition to Insomniac’s nationwide expansion and will be celebrating its second year this April. It’s a two-day event that takes place at the RFK Festival Grounds in Washington, DC. Don’t be surprised if you see some people from Congress turning up there! The lineup is short and sweet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not poppin’! Legends like LSDream, Dom Dolla B2B Green Velvet, Madeon, Zeds Dead, and more will be attending in 2023. In addition to the music, there are other cool things to experience like rides and art. Since the festival is so new, I recommend making sure you have your transportation scheduled in advance since they are still figuring out the logistics of everything.

Photo of Project GLOW Music Festival

5.) Forbidden Kingdom 

June 9-10, 2023  |  Orlando, Florida


If you like bass music, you’re going to love this festival! Forbidden Kingdom is a two-day festival in Orlando, Florida. It’s held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, which is about a fifteen-minute drive from Downtown Orlando. The festival is small in size, but the music and energy are certainly NOT. The only genres of EDM you will see at this festival are dubstep, riddim, drum and bass, experimental bass, etc. Last year, some of the headliners included Rezz, Excision, Subtronics, Seven Lions, and Griz. As soon as you enter those gates, it’s absolute madness. You can expect to see mosh pits, professional rail riding, and the nastiest bass faces you’ve probably ever seen. One thing to note about Forbidden Kingdom is that it takes place in June, so be prepared for the intense heat during the day!

Photo from the Forbidden Kingdom Photo Gallery

6.) HARD Summer

August 5-6, 2023  |  Los Angeles, California


Hard Summer is making a big change in 2023! For a couple of years it took place at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino, but this year it’s moving to the LA Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. Despite the new location, the festival will still feature the same five stages and the same wild experience. Unlike a lot of the other festivals on this list, HARD Summer offers more genres than EDM like hip-hop, pop, and indie. Last year, attendees got to experience sets from Zeds Dead B2B Subtronics (DREAM SET OMG), Megan Thee Stallion, Porter Robinson, Lil Uzi Vert, Joji, Griz, and so many more talented artists. While taking breaks from the music, be sure to explore the entire venue and see everything the festival has to offer. It’s going to be super exciting to see how they set everything up at the new location! Also, be prepared for the early August California heat!

hard summer
Photo from the HARD Summer Photo Gallery

7.) Beyond Wonderland at the Gorge

June 17-18, 2023  |  George, Washington


We talked about Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, but did you know that they throw basically the same festival at another location? Picture all the amazing aspects of Beyond Wonderful, but then add a jaw-dropping view and camping options! This version of Beyond takes place at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. If you’re not familiar with the Gorge, it’s a gorgeous outdoor concert venue that overlooks the Columbia River and the Columbia Gorge canyon. The decorations and experience are just as magical, and you still get to experience the wacky yet wonderful Alice in Wonderland theme. The music is just as great as the vibes, and this year’s lineup features awesome artists like Subtronics, Marshmello, Slander, Wax Motif, and more!

the gorge
Photo from the Beyond Wonderland Photo Gallery

8.) EDC Orlando

November 10-12, 2023  |  Orlando, Florida


If you want to experience the magic of EDC but you’re not ready to make the journey to Las Vegas yet, EDC Orlando could be a great option for you! EDC Orlando is a bit smaller, costs a lot less money, and is more accessible for people on the east coast. Even though it’s not as big as EDC Vegas, it’s still an amazing festival filled with the best music and endless things to explore. EDC Orlando has taken place at its home venue Tinker Field since 2011, which is right next to Downtown Orlando. The best thing about being so close to downtown is that you can always expect the best afterparties at Orlando’s biggest nightclubs! EDC Orlando features five stages, interactive art and characters, vendors, and great food and drink options. No matter where you go, you’re constantly surrounded by lights, colors, and love. The lineup just keeps getting better each year, and always includes the hottest names in every subgenre of EDM.

Photo from the EDC Orlando Photo Gallery

9.) Moonrise

August 12-13, 2023  |  Baltimore, Maryland


If you’re looking to channel your inner astronaut and travel the cosmos, Moonrise is the perfect place to do so! Moonrise is a two-day space-themed festival that takes place at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. When you walk into the festival, you can expect to see three themed stages, food, drinks, and plenty of intergalactic decorations and performers. This year’s lineup is absolutely crazy and features all different kinds of EDM. Some artists I definitely recommend seeing at Moonrise this year are Ganja White Night, John Summit, Slander, Tvboo, and Getter B2B Space Laces!

Photo from the Moonrise Photo Gallery

10.) Escape

October 27-28, 2023  |  San Bernardino, California


Don’t have any Halloween plans? Now you do! Even though Escape isn’t actually on Halloween, you will still feel all of the spooky vibes. It also gives you the excuse to party AGAIN on the 31st…hehe. Escape is another festival that takes place at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino. The entire venue is fully decorated with Halloween decorations, and mostly everyone is dressed in costumes. This festival is the perfect opportunity for all the rave baddies to pop out with their creativity! WE LOVE TO SEE IT!! Of course the music is amazing, and the biggest sets from last year were Subtronics, Marshmello, Tiesto, and Martin Garrix.

Photo from the Escape Photo Gallery

11.) Countdown NYE

December 30-31, 2023  |  San Bernardino, California


There’s only one correct way to enter the new year, and that’s at an epic music festival listening to your favorite song right when the ball drops! Countdown is the biggest New Years festival in the country, and it goes down at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino. The event center transforms into a giant alien rave, and you will certainly feel like you’re in another galaxy. One of the craziest things you can find inside the festival is the Alien Red Light District, an area where things get weird in the best way. The music is fire, the production is next level, and there are endless things to explore. You can always expect huge names on the lineup; last year there was Deadmau5, DJ Snake, Zedd, Zhu, and many more.

2023 EDM party with so many peoples
Photo from the Countdown NYE Photo Gallery

12.) iiiPoints

October 20-21, 2023  |  Miami, Florida


iiiPoints is quite a unique music festival thrown by Insomniac. The festival is held in the streets of Wynwood, a popular neighborhood in Miami that’s famous for all the beautiful murals and art galleries everywhere you go. The festival itself complements the setting perfectly by putting a lot of emphasis on art and decorations. As for the music, iiiPoints has had some awesome EDM artists, such as Flume, John Summit, Porter Robinson, Chris Lake, and features many other genres like rock, indie, jazz, and Latin music. Along with the stunning art and top-notch artists, the festival has six mind-blowing stages with their own special vibe. From what I’ve heard, the sound quality and production level are also off the charts!

Music festivals in Florida full of crowd
Photo from the iiiPoints Photo Gallery

13.) Wasteland

February 24-25, 2023  |  San Bernardino, California


Wasteland is a two-day hardstyle festival that’s thrown at the NOS Event Center. If you’re in any way, shape, or form a fan of hardstyle, you will absolutely love this festival. All of the music you will hear is fast, intense, and designed to get you moving. The lineup may be kind of small, but it includes some of the hottest names in the hardstyle world. Being at the NOS Event Center, I’m confident that the quality of the production will be out of this world. Even if you’re not a huge fan of this kind of music, I still recommend experiencing this festival at least once in your life. The energy is insane!

Beautifully decorated at an EDM event with so many people
Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

14.) EDC Mexico

February 24-26, 2023  |  Mexico City, Mexico


EDC is expanding its reach and bringing the magic to Mexico City this year once again. This international version of the popular festival is just as magical as the one in the states, and it’s amazing to see how the culture mixes in with everything. It’s three days and takes place in the capital of Mexico! The lineup features all kinds of genres of EDM, and the artists look super promising. You can expect to see legends like Diplo, Marshmello, Subtronics, Slander, Tiesto, and more. EDC Mexico is definitely a crazy party and a great thing to add to your bucket list!

edc mexico
Photo from the EDC Mexico Photo Gallery

15.) EDSea

November 4-8, 2023  |  Departing from Miami, Florida


Lastly, we’ll be talking about Insomniac’s newest addition to the Electric Daisy Carnival family. EDSea is a four-night round trip cruise that features non-stop music, themed stages, art, performances, and all of the wonderful amenities the ship has to offer. In addition to the massive party on the ship, the festivities will continue on land at two of the scheduled stops at the beautiful islands of Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau. There are so many things included with your ticket, and instead of listing everything here, you can read it here. The price of the ticket is pretty hefty, but with everything you get it’s definitely worth it! Stay tuned for the lineup drop coming soon!


Thank you so much for making it to the end! Insomniac has proven itself to be such an amazing company, and they work so hard to put on the best experiences for all of us. If a festival is thrown by them, you can automatically expect everything to be the best and run smoothly. They’re a great example of a company that truly cares about people. Hopefully reading about some of these festivals has inspired you to attend them!  

This post was all about the best Insomniac festivals.

Kaitlyn Finley
Kaitlyn Finley

Kaitlyn was born and raised in sunny South Florida and is now living in Orlando. She is attending the University of Central Florida and working towards a bachelor's degree in marketing. Her music festival journey began in 2019 at EDC Orlando, and it was absolutely life-changing. Her love of EDM grew exponentially as festivals continued to gift her the joys of love, friendship, and belongingness. Her main goals in life are to attend as many festivals as she can and eventually have a career in the EDM entertainment industry. Experimental bass is her genre of choice, Okeechobee is her favorite festival, and LSDream is her current favorite artist. Follow her on IG @kaitlynsexperience!

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