The Raver’s Vitamins (What the Vitamins in Raveraide do to your body)

February 4, 2022

Connecting with others at festivals is something many of us missed over the pandemic. It’s hard
to imagine these spaces empty after so many memories made over the years.
As we make up for the lost time by returning to stages, fields, and festivals everywhere, it’s a
great time to ask what we could do differently for ourselves this time around. With a little more
spending money from staying inside for a year, many have already upgraded to better sleeping
bags, tents, or finally finished sewing projects. But what about the upgrades we could offer our

Raveraide provides complete and well-rounded electrolyte support for improved immune
function. Additionally, Raveraide improves sleep, energy, and offers all-natural neuroprotectants
that allow you to reach and maintain your maximum vibration during a weekend away.
Our motto is “pour, shake, and elevate.” It’s genuinely that simple when you are securing only
high-quality ingredients to offer superior support for ravers, musicians, performers, dancers,
singers, and everyone in-between.
We don’t focus on excessive salt, sugar, or harmful additives. Our products are entirely natural,
offering you the recovery you need after spiritual and physical exertion on the dance floor.
Through our product, you can expect a fulfilling recovery along with the clarity necessary to
process new growth and personal advancement.
To understand what Raveraide offers your body and what makes our product unique, we want to
go over how important vitamins are when you are going into or recovering from a festival.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is naturally generated through the natural wavelength of sunlight. In fact, doctors
often call Vitamin D3 the “sunshine vitamin” since it is produced in response to our skin’s
contact with natural light.
Taking in D3 from a powdered source offers all of the same benefits as celestial
vibration—namely, it allows us to continue with normal immune function and regulate the
absorption of phosphorus and calcium. Both of these related vitamins are important for tooth
and bone development.
Staying topped up on the sunshine vitamin means giving yourself the best possible chance at
beating diseases, maintaining bone health, and waking up every day feeling ready to take on
anything the world throws your way.

Most importantly of all is that Vitamin D has been related to beating depression symptoms—a
relatable situation for many ravers in the morning after a draining event.

Vitamin C

Scientists have seen Vitamin C as a miracle vitamin for several reasons. It should come as no
surprise that higher levels of Vitamin C in the blood are nearly always related to better health
outcomes or healthier individuals overall. These observations (coupled with the high ceiling for
an acceptable everyday dosage) mean that with a little planning, everyone can experience the
benefits of better immune support and more excellent skin health.
Vitamin C is typically prescribed for individuals concerned with cardiovascular disease and
immune system deficiencies. Since our bodies are in a highly vulnerable state following a night
out, giving ourselves the ability to recover swiftly and safely is crucial. A sufficient amount of
Vitamin C will help prevent infections from taking hold and allow us to return to the things we
love without lengthy downtimes.

Vitamin B6

Unlike Vitamin D, our bodies cannot naturally produce Vitamin B6. For optimal health, it is
essential that we secure this water-soluble vitamin elsewhere.
B6 is related most closely to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. It accomplishes
this by improving our mental states through regulating elevating chemicals like dopamine,
serotonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid. Vitamin B6 is also essential for decreasing
depression-fueling chemicals like homocysteine—a leading contributor to depression.
When your diet is expanded to include B6, you can recover faster and better by orienting your
mind towards healing. You deserve every bit of help you can find in overcoming the
post-exertion blues. Keep the glow alive and keep vibrating through this wonderful vitamin, fully
integrated with pleasant lemon-lime flavor into our Raveraide formula.

Vitamin B5

The process of spiritually and physically refueling means turning your food into fuel. To
accomplish this effectively, there is no better vitamin than B5.
In total, there are 8 B-vitamins. We chose B6 for its recovery potential and mental optimizations,
whereas B5 is essential for allowing us to make the most of our energy stores. Proteins, fats,
and carbohydrates are all important for health but require activation through our bodily systems.
Vitamin B5 bridges the gap between that energy potential and our personal activation.

When you feel that burst of midnight energy, you have B5 to thank. While it can be found in tons
of vegetables like sweet potatoes, broccoli, and whole grains, we make the process of adding
B5 to your diet even more accessible by adding it to this water-soluble blend and offering ravers
everywhere the chance to refuel effectively no matter the stage.

Vitamin B12

The final entrant into our B-vitamin trio is Vitamin B12. Like B6, we do not produce this vitamin
naturally and require external sources. How could it be easier to take the guesswork out and
bring this important vitamin into our bodies than to mix an easy-to-mix pouch with water?
Vitamin B12 is all about energy recovery, heart health, and improved memory. Make the most of
your nights with enhanced clarity, better blood cell support, and mood elevation. For those dull
mornings, B12 helps bring our minds into healthier vibrations through well-rounded support and
For vegans, this nutrient may be at the forefront of your mind. Good news—Raveraide is 100%
vegan-friendly! You can enjoy mood elevation without cruelty, maintaining your vibration with
every shake.
We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of the nutritional function of vitamins in our Raveraide
formula. Each was chosen with care and layered for maximum physical and spiritual support as
you make your way through festival grounds with comfort and confidence.
Raveraide is the premiere nutrient designed for ravers and festival-goers. Forget the mornings
of wondering how you’re going to make it back to “the real world” after those long nights under
the stage glow. There is a better way to experience the stage—it’s here and now with
Raveraide. Elevate yourselves and your friends by helping support immune function through
these essential vitamins.
You can shop at our online store here or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about how
Raveraide is changing the lives of rave enthusiasts everywhere.


Raver’s put themselves through a lot. Why not open yourself up to the energy offered through
all-natural vitamin support? Raveraide connects our drinkers with enhanced clarity, mood
improvement, and recovery after draining nights. Learn more here about our low-sugar, low-salt
solution for feeling and dancing your best, night after night.

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