The Father of Biohacking

February 22, 2022

Dave Asprey: The Father of Biohacking

Biohacking, or DIY biology, may not be a term you have ever heard before. In and of itself
biohacking is a rather nebulous term that covers a huge range of activities all geared towards
helping our bodies work better.
So to get started lets take a look into what exactly bio hacking, why its important, and one of the
most popular names in the world when it comes to bio hacking our bodies.

What Is Bio Hacking?

Biohacking isn’t some crazy theory that goes beyond the realms of everything we think and
believe…it really boils down to the simple idea of becoming the absolute best version of
ourselves that we can possibly be. This idea involves using the the art and science of changing
our environment around us to take control over our own biology.
Humans throughout history have done some form of biohacking or another, although the word
itself didn’t come into existence until about 2018. Meditation and intermittent fasting are both
ancient techniques to reach higher levels of peace within oneself. Other biohacking methods
leave the traditional methods behind and take on a more technical approach, truly engineering
bodies by implanting chips into limbs or using devices to help control brainwaves in order to
reach deeper levels of sleep.

Recent years have seen an explosion in the popularity of biohacking, with several big names
signing on and singing the praises of various ‘hacking’ methods. Popular fitness guru Ben
Greenfield employs biohacking techniques like laser therapy and direct-current stimulation to
overcome fitness plateaus. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey biohacks his body through intermittent
fasting. Kevin Warrick combines science and technology with the human body, undertaking
Project Cyborg and implanting electrodes and chips in his body to control robotic limbs from a
distance. And one of the most well known Biohackers in the world? Dave Asprey.

Who Is Dave Asprey?

The name might not be as popular as Oprah’s or Elon Musk, but if you are a biohacker than you
definitely need to know who Dave Asprey is.

While Dave Asprey might be known now as the father of biohacking and the founder of
Bulletproof, he was once a man who spent over fifteen years and three hundred thousand
dollars in biohacking his life and health. Threatened with a heart attack due to being overweight,
Dave lost over one hundred pounds, used various biohacking techniques to upgrade his brain,
and lowered his biological age. He is quoted saying that he has managed to become a better
entrepreneur, husband, and father through biohacking.

Dave Asprey became known as the Father of Biohacking through his pioneering work in the
field, bringing it to the attention of celebrities and real-world persons alike. His work provides
information, techniques, and keys any individual could use to control and improve their bodies
and lives.

What Advice Does Dave Asprey Have For Beginning Biohackers?

It is important to share as much information as possible with a new field. Dave Asprey has done
this by providing newcomers to biohacking five essential tips to start their journey.
● Cold Shower – Dave Asprey first recommends taking your regular shower every morning
but at the last little bit, turn the dial all the way over to the cold setting. Let that ice-cold
water hit you directly in the head and chest. Yes, you will undoubtedly hate it at first, but
within days you will start to notice the unique clarity that this cold shock provides.
● Block The Light – Next, try getting dark or blue-light blocking glasses. Few of us realize
just how much blue light we receive from various televisions, computers, or phone
screens throughout the day. This kind of light affects our mind, keeping it more alert than
it should and not allowing it to rest, so getting ‘True-Dark Glasses’ can help reset your
● Skip Breakfast – We have long been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the
day, but this might not necessarily be true. Instead, skipping breakfast can lead to a
longer time of intermittent fasting, which may be the key to helping our body’s enzymes,
which would otherwise be focused on digestion, clean up our cells instead.
● Get Quality Sleep – There are so many ways to better the quality of your sleep, and
getting better, deeper sleep will be one of the most significant bios hacks readily
available to you. Blue light blockers before you sleep, blacking your room, raising the
head of the bed, and other simple biohacking methods.
● Show Gratitude – The last hack is to show gratitude for at least three things in your life
every night before going to sleep. This hack might seem weird, but expressing gratitude
has a profound effect on the nervous system, affecting your cellular biology. Essentially
pausing, reflecting on the day and what you are grateful for helps settle your body out of
both flight and fight mode, giving it a moment of true peace and rest.

Whether you have heard about biohacking by learning about individuals who have genetically
engineered themselves or stumbled upon learning about it through following some Wikipedia
trail, biohacking has been and will continue to be around. Since the very beginning of humanity,
we have been altering our bodies and nature and will continue transforming ourselves into the
best possible versions of ourselves. The limits of biohacking are beyond what we could imagine
at current times, but hopefully, one day, we will be as close to perfection as the human body can

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Still, humans have been altering our bodies since the beginning of humanity and will continue to
convert ourselves into the best possible versions of ourselves. In this blog edition, we will
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