Raveraide’s Hangover Helper – How to Cure a Hangover

February 22, 2022

Nearly all of us have been there at some point or another. After a late-night of drinking and
hanging out with friends, the next morning is absolutely miserable thanks to a pounding head,
dry mouth, and maybe even an upset stomach. It is the dreaded hangover.

Hangovers typically happen because of a combination of drinking and the dehydration that
follows said drinking. And many of us would do just about anything in our power to avoid them,
short of stopping before that last glass of wine or shot of whiskey. Other times we may see a
hangover as simply something that is going to happen no matter what, so all we can do is
prepare as best we can for the symptoms.

This article will discuss the actual cause of hangovers, why you might be more likely to suffer
from a hangover than others in your friend group, and our helpful tips for avoiding or curing a

The Real Cause of Hangovers

Some might believe that whether it’s a sip or a whole bottle, alcohol is going to be the culprit
behind that pounding head and upset stomach you get after drinking. But this is not true, as it is
not simply the alcohol itself that causes a hangover, but rather a chemical compound in alcohol
called congeners. These are the by-products of the fermentation process which help create
alcoholic beverages. Common congeners include methanol, tannins, and acetaldehyde and are
found in higher concentrations in darker drinks such as bourbon, whiskey, and red wines.

Symptoms of a hangover can present in many ways. People suffering from a hangover may
experience diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, nausea, shaking, faster heartbeat, higher blood
pressure, overproduction of sweat, vertigo, or become sensitive to light and/or sound.
Hangovers can also present as migraines or even as a form of sleep deprivation. This is
because alcohol messes up the hormones that control our biological clocks making our bodies
feel a strange version of jet lag.

Who Is More Likely To Suffer From a Hangover?

There are multiple factors that determine whether a person will have a harder time suffering
from a hangover, or whether they develop one at all.

The first is genetics. There are certain genetic variations that can cause someone to digest
alcohol faster or more slowly, and even have different reactions to alcohol after it’s been
ingested. In fact, one study from 1972 indicates that the heritability of alcohol intoxication was
around 50%, while the heritability of hangovers hovered around 55%. So if you have a really
bad time with hangovers, maybe look at how your parents deal with drinking or their own

Next is your health status, or in general how healthy you are. Often individuals in better physical
conditions report fewer issues with hangovers compared to individuals in poorer condition. This
means if you are suffering from a cold or allergies, you may be more likely to suffer from a
hangover in comparison to someone who is not!

After that, age and sex also play a big part in whether you will suffer a hangover, and if you do
how bad it will be. Younger people are more likely to suffer severe hangovers in comparison to
older individuals, though many will attribute this to our bodies acclimating to the congeners in
alcohol over time. Some research also suggests that women rather than men are more likely to
suffer from a hangover, though this may also be due to body size and composition rather than
just gender.

Finally, there are other behaviors surrounding drinking that may make a person more, or less,
likely to suffer from a hangover. Smoking cigarettes or vaping, taking drugs or being on
medications, and getting up earlier or staying up later may all increase the likelihood of
experiencing a hangover as well as worsening symptoms.

Helpful Tips For Curing A Hangover

● Fluids – Drinking plenty of fluids before, during, and after drinking is really going to help
when it comes to hangovers. Alcohol makes you urinate a lot, which leads to
dehydration, so putting that much-needed hydration back into your system is only going
to help the overall recovery process.
● Carbs – Many people forget to eat when they go out to drink, which can cause a blood
sugar crash that alcohol only takes advantage of. Alcohol itself further lowers blood
sugar levels, often resulting in the headache and fatigue you feel during a hangover.
● Steer Clear of Darker Drinks – Going back to those chemicals, the darker your drink the
more congeners in the alcohol. If you want to avoid a hangover, stick to a lighter
beverage such as gin or vodka. This isn’t foolproof, but it may help at least a little!
● Take a Pain Reliever Ahead of Time – Over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin or
ibuprofen may be a helpful tool against hangovers. However steer clear of anything
containing acetaminophen, as that might combine with the alcohol to mess up your liver.
● Head Back To Bed – Sometimes the best thing to do is give our bodies time to rest and
recover. An extra-long nap or returning to bed and closing your eyes for a while might
help relieve some of those pesky hangover symptoms.

How Raveraide Can Help Cure a Hangover

Raveraide has been specifically crafted to help overcome those electrolyte imbalances and
hydration issues that plague many rave-goers. Luckily this also extends to hangover-sufferers,
who are also often missing out on critical nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes. Our powdered
electrolyte mix also assists the body with immune support to assist the body in its recovery, so
you won’t have to worry as much about catching a cold while your body is already being put
through the wringer.

In the end, hangovers are our body’s way of telling us that we should probably slow down and
take it easy. Many of the symptoms are a direct result of or are exacerbated by, the dehydration
caused by the ingestion of alcohol. This means that remaining hydrated and topped up on the
electrolytes our body needs is going to be key to staying ahead of the worst effects of a
hangover. Luckily Raveraide supplements are packed with natural energy, immune-boosting
qualities, and key nutrients to always keep you on your A-game and help you avoid those pesky

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