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February 5, 2022

It can be hard to find raver-worthy apparel that is fashionable, made from good materials, and
affordable. And what happens if you don’t live near a brick-and-mortar rave apparel store?
You’re forced to shop online. But that can come with some challenges too. Are the conditions in
which the clothing is made ethical? Are the products and materials sustainable or eco-friendly?
Do the companies represent PLUR?
So many online stores these days source their products from questionable places or engage in
questionable, sketchy practices themselves. So how can you know if the website you’re buying
your festival fashions from isn’t involved in something sketchy?
Well, that’s where we come in. Welcome to Raveraide’s Closet, where we’ll give you a rundown
of some websites that offer raver-worthy apparel at affordable prices that fully symbolize the
meaning of PLUR, no sketch involved. We’ve also included some tips for cleaning, as well as
resources in case you’re a crafty raver and want to make your own raver-worthy apparel.

PLUR-Friendly Raver-Worthy Apparel


Founded in 2011 by raver couple Brian and Christine, iHeartRaves began when Brian and
Christine recognized the desperate need in their rave community for fashionable and fun
ravewear. They had already been involved in the rave community for some time through their
first company, EmazingLights, which offers high-quality light gloves.
What started as a team of two has grown into a company of 50+ employees, all working towards
their goal of providing affordable festival and rave fashion through ethical practices.

Our Pick: Lyte Couture X IHR Dazed Mushroom


Started in 2014 by a group of passionate, fashionable EDM fans, iEDM makes it a point to
create their fun and affordable raver-worthy apparel in-house. Handcrafted and made 100%
within the USA, iEDM has teams of artists creating their fun and fashionable all-over print
designs. All of their material is ethically sourced from within the US.

Our Pick: Zebra of the Night hoodie dress and leggings.

Rave Wonderland:

Rave Wonderland was started when its owner – a raver herself – had a hard time finding cute,
fashionable ravewear that didn’t break her bank. Tired of having to choose between spending
hundreds on a unique outfit or wearing the same things as everyone else, she took matters into
her own hands. Heading to Michael’s craft store, she began making her own rave bras by hand.
She sold them through Etsy and by word of mouth, and once spent a whole weekend delivering
her items up and down the Vegas strip during EDC weekend.
Even though Rave Wonderland has grown from its humble beginnings, the owner’s mission is
still to provide ethically sourced, unique festival fashion at a fraction of the cost of name brands.
She cuts out the middleman and avoids the unnecessary markups that many companies
engage in.
Our Pick: Reflective Constellation Chunky Booties

How To Wash Your Raver-Worthy Apparel

It can be difficult to figure out how to wash your ravewear. Some of it is plastic, some are cotton,
some are fur, and about a dozen other materials.
So how can you go about washing raver apparel without ruining it? Well, the best way is to hand
wash it when you can. Fill a tub or sink with cold water and add a tiny amount of laundry
detergent and swish it around until suds form. Soak your clothes for about 30 minutes then rinse
them clean in cold water. Roll your items up in a towel to get rid of any excess water, and hang
dry them on plastic hangers or a drying rack. This method is especially good for lacy fabrics,
bralettes, and leggings.
Plastic fabrics can be wiped down with a wet sponge or face cloth. But if you’re more into furries
and fuzzies, it’s a good idea to comb them out after a long festival to get rid of any small dirt
particles they may have picked up. Rinse them in cold water and use a mild detergent to get
them clean. Soak in warm water for a couple of minutes, and then rinse the soap out. Squeeze
out excess water and hang to dry. Once dried, comb them out again to get them soft and fluffy
If hand washing just isn’t feasible, you can still put the majority of your raver fashion in the
washing machine, but it’s imperative that you use cold water and gentle cycles. Hot water can
damage the elasticity of those stretchy fabrics. Always steer clear of the dryer if at all possible.

DIY Raver-Worthy Apparel

If you find yourself more on the crafty side of the spectrum, you may want to jump into making
your own ravewear! But how can you go about doing that?
If you’re handy with a needle and thread or sewing machine, it’s really not that difficult. Find
some cute fabric, cut out your pieces, and get to sewing!
If you’re not that amazing of a seamstress, there are YouTube videos out there that can show
you how to make fashionable no-sew rave clothes as well.
YouTuber Nava Rose has tons of DIY tutorials on her page, both sewn and no-sew outfits.
Check her out for tutorials, inspo, or just to see what she’s wearing to the festivals this year.

Raveraide’s Closet – Our Own Raver-Worthy Apparel

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