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February 5, 2022

The party can catch up to you. The fun can start to wear you out. This is totally normal and
acceptable. Afterall, we’re only human. Burning the candle at both ends isn’t something anyone
decides to do willingly. It begins slowly and is habit forming. Before we know it we’re suffering
from symptoms of poor mental health and fatigue. And, to top that off, our first instinct is to
usually deny it! Also, totally acceptable. But at some point, we still need to pause and look
inward. It’s tough. It’s difficult. But if we’re going to make our time here on this planet worthwhile,
then we owe it to ourselves to have as much fun as possible. That fun, can be sustainable. Let’s
talk about how.
First, let’s talk about symptoms and signs of poor mental health, and what that may mean for
you. The main thing to remember here is that you are capable of being aware of your behavior.
The more you pay attention to how you behave, the better insight you’ll be able to give yourself
on what that means. Behavior is communication. And how we behave when we’re alone is how
we communicate with ourselves.

Here’s a list of hard to answer questions, but if you can be honest with yourself, you can begin
to heal.
● Do you notice that you have stopped prioritizing your hygiene?
● Are you socially isolated, or do you feel yourself withdrawing?
● Are you experiencing a lot of anger and aggression?
● Do you feel like your mood swings, and seem to be portraying erratic or risky behavior?
● Are you having trouble concentrating and find yourself regularly distracted from the task
at hand?
● Are you jumpy or nervous for no apparent reason?
● Is it difficult to feel positive about the future, or are you feeling a lack of aspiration?
● Do you find yourself missing appointments or being regularly absent from work?
● Have you experienced a big change in appetite?
● Are you experiencing panic attacks?
If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then read on. You’re not alone. Your
first order of business will be learning how to create a safe and non-judgmental way of analyzing
your own mental health. This means to focus on facts, not intrusive thoughts that come
alongside those facts.
It’s easy to realize that we’re experiencing signs of poor mental health and immediately go into
defense mode, or even beat ourselves up over this. Worries of being judged by our peers, or
experiencing stigma can arise. It’s important to remember that these symptoms, although they
are occurring to us, are still objective facts. If we keep our mindset to that paradigm, we can
easier navigate our way out of this rut that we’re stuck in. Acceptance is key, but healing is work!
Once we can accept our situation, we can begin to treat ourselves with love and care. Once we
begin to focus on our body more, our mind can relax. Many of those afflicted with poor mental
health discover physical rituals that they hold dear for keeping themselves content. It takes
people out of their heads and brings them into the present moment.

Here are a few suggestions:

Fix your posture.

  • Actively trying to walk taller has been associated with experiencing better moods

● Exercise.

  • Some doctors prescribe exercise to their patients as a treatment for mental
    health. Creating a routine can be difficult, but you can decrease your risk of being
    depressed by 19%!

● Sleep More.

  • If you find yourself habitually getting less than 6 hours of sleep (yes, only doing
    this on weekends counts as habitual) then you’re definitely lacking sleep. Make a
    deal with yourself to get 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

● Hydrate.

  • When your body’s working overtime to compensate for a lack of hydration, you
    start to rely on your precious mental energy to get you through the day. Over
    time, this can lead to a burnout.

Of course, this Raver life advice doesn’t replace professional medical treatment. It is strongly
recommended that if you’re experiencing severe symptoms and fear that you may harm yourself
or others, immediately seek the help of a mental health professional.
By the way, if you want to focus on Hydrating as a way to improve your overall health, checkout
Raveraide on our website. It’s a delicious, low sugar electrolyte drink, fortified with vitamins to
keep your body working at the top of it’s game! Stand tall, and stay healthy fellow ravers!

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