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February 5, 2022

While it has been a challenging year for getting together and sharing a love of music in person,
there has been an increase in online traffic for EDM fans everywhere.
Large publications with member bases worldwide have continued to provide high-quality
journalism, while festivals have worked hard to put on safe shows with compliance and
cooperation from local jurisdictions.
In short, there may not be lights and beats through the night, but there certainly is a heartbeat
the community has kept alive through online collaboration within the EDM scene.
The heart of the EDM scene has always been people—connecting with unlikely souls in unlikely
places, all gathered together in peace and celebration of life. Now, more than ever, we could
use that energy in our own lives.
The pandemic has been hard on people and their livelihoods, so keeping up with what we love
is one small way we can feel a little more regular in extraordinary times. Whether that be joining
the live stream of your favorite DJ, learning to produce your own music, or hopping on the twitch
channels of up-and-coming performers, there is room for everyone in the online EDM
Below are a few lists of how you can keep in touch with the EDM scene and what’s shaking with
festival grounds and organizers worldwide. Whether it’s planning your outfit for the summer,
catching up on hot mixes, or preparing your ultimate rave care package, these publications have
you covered.

We Rave You

We Rave You is a great place to keep up with not only trends, worldwide news, and interviews
with top artists but also news on the tech side of things—the exciting world of hardware and
software that allows you to make your own music at home.
Their intelligent approach leads to thoughtful articles that allow you to do more than listen to the
artists—you can better understand their emotional approach and technical sound through
process breakdowns, equipment lists, plugin presets, and more!
The best part? They are also a leading physical publication, meaning that if you or a friend in
your life could use EDM scene news delivered, this magazine has you covered! Perfect for
collectors, die-hards, or who knows, even collagers?

Rave Jungle

Let’s face it—we’re always waiting for festival season. When we’re not, we’re secretly building
hype for the next one to come. Festivals are where memories are made, friendships are
solidified, and self-knowledge is gained.
Finding the best festival for our musical tastes and location can be tricky—that’s why it’s so
important for sites like Rave Jungle to thoughtfully break down current news in the industry and
provide in-depth looks at the upcoming EDM scene and circuit.
You can immediately tell that they put quality first from their homepage—both in research,
scope, and delivery. If you’re looking for current festival news, this is your spot! They even filter
their music tab by genre, so you always find the musical content you’re looking for.

Dancing Astronaut

When it comes to music-forward journalism, Dancing Astronaut is our pick.
The music of great DJs should speak for itself. Whether it’s exciting remixes, collaborations,
throwbacks, or themed playlists, Dancing Astronaut has you covered with plenty of high-quality
content from passionate reviewers, streamers, and producers. Their connections with major
stages and producers in the EDM scene also mean there are always giveaways for lucky
Next time you’re cleaning the house, pop on over to their “videos” tab and throw on a playlist of
current hits. Make that laundry day a laundry party.

Your EDM

The Your EDM site is as full of content as it is flashy, but don’t let the easy-to-use layout confuse
you—there are plenty of top-quality reviews to be found. From in-depth artist profiles to festival
lineup announcements, you’ll never be far away from the pulse of the EDM scene.
The Discord tab also opens up fun opportunities for at-home hobbyists. Connect with other
readers, producers, and streamers. There are dozens of users online at any time—carry on the
tradition of unlikely friendships and connect with them here!


You wouldn’t be wrong to ask yourself if you stumbled into a Twitter feed when hopping onto the
RaverRafting homepage—after all, they’re putting three to five articles a day on everything from
lineup news to new track releases!
This site is a fantastic reminder that even if your local festival is on pause, there are still creators
and collaborators looking to grow the industry, hone their mixing skills, and connect with fans
every day.
With an emphasis on the EDM scene, you’re getting only the news on music and festivals you
want every single day. It’s an excellent resource for building hype with friends, filling out your
dream festival lineup, or exploring options for traveling and raving—a perfect pairing for the
adventurous music lover.
No matter how stressful the days are, we should always look forward to better things. Whether
that be better music around the house, a festival date on a foreign shore, or outfit planning when
we get those beach bods back, remember—PLUR is a way of life, not just a festival routine.
Planning can be an exciting way to attain a clearer vision of the future and feel like you’re
moving forward even when the world is not. So get those outfits together, find a new mix, and
start looking at flight tickets! Throw an at-home party if you have to—cats prefer deep house,
we’re told.
As you plan for the future, keep in mind how you are going to make your next festival visit even
better than the last one. You can do this with any of the tips above, but what about nutrition and
conditioning? Making the most of your headspace means making the most of your body, and we
make that a breeze through the electrolyte-rich Raveraide formula.
Our advanced blend of [vitamins], nootropics, and natural clarity enhancers help you make the
most of your recovery time and overall journey. Learn more about our nutrition solution for
ravers on our website and explore our shipping options here!
Showing up to the festival is only half the battle. You have to make sure you’re showing up with
yourself through proper self-care and nutrition if you want to make all the meaningful
connections that festivals and the EDM scene offer.
We hope you enjoyed reading and are feeling a little more connected to the EDM scene. Stay
safe, stay positive, and we hope to cross paths with you in our journey!


The pandemic has been tough. If, like us, you’ve been feeling disconnected from the love, we’re
stoked to provide you with our top picks for EDM scene news, mixes, and community. Through
these publications, you can keep up on current trends, plan ahead, or find your next favorite mix
for that living room dance party. Click here to explore the world of online EDM!

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