A Raver Re-Imagined: The Ascended Raver Program

February 5, 2022

If we’re passionate about one thing, it’s you. After all, Raveraide is made by ravers, for ravers.
Our sole mission at Raveraide is to be a positive force within the EDM community. What a
precious thing our community is.
Not infrequently, what we might do for enjoyment and connection can have the unwanted effect
of contributing to more fatigue and thus more stress. This isn’t right. If we’re striving for
community and transcendence, ending up where we began isn’t betterment. It is a detriment.
Drinking water and getting the necessary supplemental electrolytes and micronutrients are good
starts. Pacing ourselves and preparedness is just the start. Let’s go further into the ether
For the last five years, we’ve developed and refined The Ascended Raver, a program…you
guessed it! For ravers, by ravers – and really if we’re honest, it’s pretty much for anyone. (If
some of you made it to this page and you don’t know what a rave is, congratulations. We’re here
for you, too!)
The Ascended Raver Program consists of holistic healing practices designed to help you
recover from the unintended effects of exerting your body and spirit. Even good things take their
toll and that’s fine and natural. Whether you work out or engage in competitive sports, you reap
benefits – yet you still need to practice self-care both psychically and physically to recover so
that healing and optimization are both realized.
Let’s break down the program into each foundational pillar and experiential element!

Pillar I: Breathwork

Without air, we perish. This is a fact. You’re following so far? Air is a metaphor as well. When we
breathe in a controlled manner and with intention, it is possible to access hidden parts of
ourselves we never knew and take for granted. Controlled breathing practices such as
breathwork teach you to be adaptive to life stressors, increase resilience to toxins, and thus
form, in scientific terms, “hormesis”. Learning to temper your mood and emotional resonance is
a life skill they do not teach you in school. With breathwork, this essential skill can become
second nature.

Pillar II: Hypothermic Conditioning (Cold Exposure Therapy)

Have you ever felt an intense chill and tried to manage it with your mere will? If you could
control your breathing, perhaps the cold would vanish? Up to a certain point, this is attainable.
Cold exposure therapy is a form of psychological acclimatization and a prime example of how
nature is one of the best teachers. How we deal with cold is within our control and learning to
control our reaction to it tempers our resolve. By increasing our tolerance for cold through
training we can improve our confidence and stimulate personal growth. But this is just part of the

Pillar III: Hyperthermic Conditioning (Heat Therapy)

With heat therapy (another form of stress resistance training and sensation therapy) mother
nature once again teaches us that the physiological and psychological are intimately related.
Stimulating cellular activity and encouraging bodily reactivity, we begin a healing process. Sweat
engulfs us. Endorphins flood the brain. Our fears burn away (if for a moment) and perhaps we
even face them head on. In challenging ourselves we can find ourselves.

Pillar IV: Meditative Recovery

Interrupt your narrative and get ready to break the subconscious conditioning holding you back.
Meditative recovery is the conscious act of letting go and entering a state of peace and
tranquility through the practice of detachment. Sometimes we need to shed our preconceptions
to perceive the concept. Stillness is the best medicine, and we’re here to guide you.

Pillar V: Cellular Regeneration

For ages our human ancestors practiced discipline and self-denial through fasting as a means
toward spiritual awakening and transcendence. Studies have shown that fasting (both
intermittent and prolonged) can prompt cellular regeneration, as well as improve gut and brain
health. It is vital that this Pillar be approached with care and reverence for one’s bodily needs.
Occasional fasting can reset aspects of our biology to our benefit, but only if used the right way.
Always do what is compatible with your constitution and medical profile. Together we’ll explore
the possibilities of healing through cellular regeneration in a measured way.

Pillar VI: Rejuvenation

Adequate nutrition and hydration are key for optimizing your temple. And by temple, we mean
your body, but also your spirit. Here you’ll learn the fundamentals of how to fortify your immune
system, fuel your every cell, and build the foundations of a nourished self: The perfect way to
end the program and leave with motivation, creativity, and passion!

An Invitation

Mental health awareness is central to our purpose. The community and experiences we share
shape who we are and carry us through life. Creating a program that has our mental health
concern at its core is emblematic of what we stand for. Sharing our collective experiences and
finding some tools for mutual support is one of the best ways to not only enjoy the raver life but
life itself. Come join us and re-discover how you can thrive, and of course, prepare for that next
For more information about The Ascended Raver Program, please reach out to us. We’d be
ecstatic to answer all your questions!

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